I can say it.  I can certainly say it.  I absolutely love to collect sweaters and, seeing that fall starts on 9/23/23, my collection started 2 weeks ago.

I recently hit up some local resale shops on a day that I was supposed to be running to the grocery store… but this girl just needed a little bit of retail therapy. 

You get me?

On this specific outing, I found a lime green sweater with wood button accents, a beautiful vintage red cashmere crewneck sweater (that was in incredible condition. Woot Woot!) and a Leith black lightweight cropped cardigan as well….

Yep. Three sweaters in one outing! Score!

Don’t worry about my bank account, (that’s my job… hahaha) all purchases made were made with resale prices, which are huge savings in my book.

Now that fall is so close, you might be thinking about what sweaters you might want to rotate out of your wardrobe and which sweaters you are thinking of hitting the “buy now” button on.

Let’s get down to sweater business and discuss what you might need for Fall 2023.

The color red is hot!  Check out my new blog “Falling For Red” if you need more info on how important red is this fall and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. If you do not have a red sweater for fall, I would say it is important to find one for the season, and there are so many options! Grab yourself a red cashmere crewneck (like I did), or maybe an off the shoulder red sweater (I have one linked below), or a chunky red cardigan.  Whatever you do, just get a red sweater!  You’ve got this!  

I also want to point out that bright colors for fall are trending. Anything in electric pink, bright orange or lime green will be stunning as an oversize turtleneck with a silk black skirt or paired with an amazing wide-leg jean. I have seen a ton of cut-outs on sweaters, especially turtleneck sweaters, that have really made the lines on the body look amazing!  I love a turtleneck with a neck-cut!  So cool and unexpected.

I am a huge collector of oversized cardigans too, which are also in swing this season! I will grab one and wear it with sweatpants from American Apparel to my son's soccer games or even just use one as a statement piece over a basic white or black T-shirt or pair it with a vintage band T-shirt.  So if you haven’t found your oversize cardigan, I would recommend one in Ivory or go all out and grab one in animal print.

If you happened to keep your Fair Isle Sweater from last year (which I hope you did), pull that baby out,  especially if you found one with some electric, vibrant colors! Yes, it seems the pattern is a classic and you can really make a statement.

I want to point out that I love any sweater, cardigan, crew neck or turtleneck with added accents: safety pins, bows, metal accents, fringe, lace and/or anything with added “oomph” to make it just have an attitude all to itself.  

Yes, sweater season is upon us… and oh, how I love a great sweater!

Happy Sweater Shopping!