The September Issue… It Just Never Disappoints!

Fall is here, but is it ever really here until we receive Vogue’s September issue?

Heck no!!

I received my copy a couple of weeks ago and have had it crisply laying on my computer desk just waiting to be picked up and analyzed from the first page to the very last.

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long! It was a very, very busy August, but I made time to spend Labor Day weekend devouring it… and so that is what happened!

Cindy, Linda, Christy and Naomi, you look amazing on the front cover! I can’t wait to dive in, so let’s do it!  The greatest of all time headline has lured me in (not that it wouldn't for just being the September issue).

I will say, I absolutely fell in love with the ad displaying the  Zodiaque Collection from Van Cleef and Arpels. For a mere $22,200 and a bit of tax, I can finally own the Sagittarius necklace of my dreams!  However, I will be very graciously excited to have in my personal collection the Zodiaque Medal Sagittarii Necklace in 18k yellow gold for $2,430.

I love Prada and can’t get enough, especially when one ad featured Look 1 from Prada’s Fall Winter 2023 collection (which featured a white silk embroidered duchesse maxi-skirt and a gray wool and cashmere crew-neck sweater). I especially liked the prada logo placement, selectively showing on the model’s upper left thigh on the beautifully detailed silk white skirt. I literally want every sweater from this collection!

One can't help but notice Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter) in her slew of Valentino Garavani ads and the mere twinning state of her looks compared to her mother’s. (It’s uncanny!) 

Miu Miu’s Fall 2023 Ad Campaign features some of the celebrities that walked the brand’s fashion show back in March, but the ad with Mia Goth was one of my absolute favorites in Vogue’s September Issue. Again, the gray crewneck sweaters must be something I am gravitating to this fall, because it took me right back to the Prada look.

I immensely enjoyed Maya Singer’s piece entitled “What’s Real” and found the article, “American Pastoral” by Dobie Hughes a high point in this issue.  It dives deep into how Shara Hughes has reinvented landscapes and I couldn't get enough of her backstory and creative depth… it’s just so beautifully written! I can say the article “Supersonic” (Sally Singer listens in. I love how that was put in the issue) was fantastic on Cindy, Linda, Christy and Naomi. 


I won’t speak anymore about it but to say that you need to read this piece and let’s all get ready for Apple TV’s four part docuseries “The Super Models” set to debut September 20th!  

Let’s just say, I’ll be busy that day!

Okay, I am going to wrap this up, because there is soooo much more in this issue that I could talk about for hours if i don’t.

And, well… I don’t want to completely ruin it for you! So, if you haven’t taken time to read your copy or need to get a copy, remember you can always browse the The September Issue digitally… Vogue offers you print + digital too.

I mean, Anna doesn’t mess around.

So read up and get your fall fashion fix!

God, I love the September Issue!

💛 Rachel