Music & Fashion

The concerts keep coming and I am trying to figure out “the” outfit.  I am finding myself repeatedly asking, ”What am I going to wear?!”  

If you're like me, you can start planning the outfit a month before the show (and if you’re going with your girlfriends, it’s at least a month before). You're probably planning your outfit when you're booking the pre-show dinner reservations… ok, maybe I plan a bit too much.

Oversized Metallic Sleeve Jacket


Am I right?

Fashion trends can change rapidly, and the most fashionable concert outfits in 2023 can vary depending on your personal style, the type of concert, the venue, and the current trends.  So, to help you out in any and all scenarios, I put together a list of potential styles for you to steal the show in!

All Black Monochrome Leather Look

  • Vintage: You know that old band t-shirt you love? Pair it with high-waisted jeans and some classic kicks, and you've got that vintage vibe going! Think '90s grunge, '70s rock, or '80s punk for inspiration.
  • Street Style: Streetwear is still a go-to style. Hoodies, graphic tees, comfy joggers, and your favorite sneakers are all you need. Top it off with a cool cap or beanie.
  • Boho: If you're into that bohemian feel, opt for flowy dresses, fringe, and earthy colors. Slide into some comfy heel or ankle boots to complete the look.
  • Festival Fun: If you're hitting up an outdoor music fest, think festival fashion. Crop tops, denim, and rugged boots are the way to go. Don't forget to grab some shades and a stylish hat.
  • Athleisure Aesthetic: Blend style with comfort by rocking athleisure gear. Leggings, oversized hoodies, and trendy sneakers will have you looking on point.
  • Stand Out: Find a bold statement piece to build your outfit around. It could be an eye-catching jacket, a striking skirt, or a killer accessory that steals the show. If you're like me, the go-to is leather pants with a bold statement earring.
  • Unisex: Gender-neutral and gender-fluid fashion is in! Feel free to mix and match items from both sides of the fashion aisle for a unique, androgynous look.
  • Monochrome: Sometimes an all-black or all-white outfit is just super sleek! It's simple to put together and allows you to add pops of color with accessories.
  • Custom Creations: Get creative with custom or DIY pieces. Personalized clothing, hand-painted denim, or unique patches can really make a statement.
  • Sustainability Fashion: Sustainability is in! Look for clothing made from organic materials or hit up the thrift stores and resale site for some second-hand gems.  THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! 


Oversized Metallic Sleeve Jacket

When it comes down to it, It’s all about personal style.  The key is to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfy while showing off your personality.  Music and Fashion will always allow for self expression.  I absolutely love wearing something surprising that is authentically me to a show.

Silver Metallic Accent Heels

Think of it this way: just like a good song can touch your soul, the right outfit can make you feel amazing and express who you are.  Fashion isn't just about clothes, it's a way to be creative, feel confident, and show the world your personality.  So, in a sense, music and fashion both have this special ability to connect with our emotions and others.

So, if you're off to the venue, just remember… Music can heal and fashion can inspire. 

Oh, and have FUN!

💛 Rachel