Falling For Red…

Red is a powerful color. 

It’s been said that red attracts the most attention out of any color and that it can stir up strong emotions. That being said, it has also been said to try and use the color red in moderation. Maybe just add a red lip or add a pop of color with a red clutch or possibly wear a red leather statement pant or skirt. 

Whatever you do… Don’t overdo it. Right?

Well, I am here to let you know those “it’s been said” statements are not relevant this season! You can go all out! 

Yes, sign me up for that matching red sweatsuit and the red cashmere oversized crewneck with the red wool wide-leg pant.  Heck yeah!! I will even throw a red scarf in the mix and add a red patent leather heel.  

Go on and red yourself up!

When it comes to red the only thing you need to stop for is a red light or stop sign. 

I have always been told red is a power color.  If I was up for a promotion, I would try to incorporate the color into my business attire without looking outlandish or over the top.  The good thing is that most of the jobs I have had were in the fashion industry.  

So if you didn’t style yourself up… then it would be noticed.

I have my go-to red lipstick, which I am sure you also have (if you don’t, no worries! It would be the easiest way to incorporate red and it’s really fun to try on a variety of shades of red to find the color that works best with your skin tone.)

Maybe I need a new red lipstick this fall?

I will put it on the list.

Back to red!  The color red symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, physical activity, creativity, warmth, and security.  It is a color that can push you out of your comfort zone for sure and can even feel a bit aggressive, but it is also a color that can give you great comfort and even a sense of security with its richness. 

So this fall season, I would encourage you to buy that long red coat or get yourself a red leather statement handbag.  

No rules for red this season!  

I am falling for red this fall, and I bet you are too!


Here are Some of My Favorite Red Pieces on Style and Give


Here are Some of My Favorite Red Pieces for this Fall: