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  1. Complete the PDF Donor Agreement
  2. Package up the Agreement with Your Items
  3. Choose how to get your donation to us:
    1. Schedule a Local Pickup
    2. Ship to us Directly (More proceeds go back to benefit your charity)
    3. Contact us to ask for a Prepaid Label

Style and Give

100 E. Kansas St. Suite H253

Lansing KS 66043

Items and Designers we Accept

Fashion-forward donors, your style is truly someone's treasure! We graciously accept a diverse array of items, spanning clothing for every age and gender, alongside accessories and footwear from the esteemed list of renowned designers and manufacturers featured below. 

Style and Give envisions a world where items don’t languish, unused in closets- they are put to use supporting our communities.

Together, let's elevate the positive energy of the world and champion charitable causes by sharing the gift of fashion through your generous item donations.

We are here to change the way fashion and charities work together!

DONATE your items TODAY and Help Us Make an Impact!