I recently came down with pneumonia.  It crept up on me!  I really thought it was just an ear infection, nothing more.  Unfortunately, it wasn't just an ear infection…

I obviously wanted to keep going, but couldn’t… literally and physically, I couldn't.


When I spoke, it was like a cat scratching its claws on a chalkboard.  I usually sing my frenchie (Penny) to sleep at night… and I didn’t miss a night, but this past week it was just a whisper to the words of the songs she used to hear sung. Yeah… I know… 


I sound nuts, right? 


Well… if you're as obsessed with your pet(s), as I am then you're right there with me.


I was uncomfortable, feeling horrible, and was trying to meditate my sickness away… along with the use of antibiotics, an inhaler, and 2 prescription cough suppressants.


All I knew was that I was going to change into something comfortable immediately and it was going to be items that would make me feel comforted.  It’s quite amazing when your go-to's in your drawers are items you thought at one time were expensive (I mean, they actually were and I received a discount) even a frivolous buy, but 10 years later they happen to be the only things you want to put on when you're sick or tired.


And that’s what I did!

So as the story goes: A… long… long… long… time ago I purchased a couple CURRENT/ELLIOTT gray tank tops, several sweatshirts from The Great and a slew of sweatpants from Sundry. They’re faded and some of them look like the grey gym clothes we wore in middle and high school… but let me tell you something… and I know you're with me on this…


When you're sick, sometimes the old school fashion purchases you made that you thought you’d regret turn into the items of the most worth (even if it’s only for 3 to 5 days).


Now that I have worn them into the -$1,000 on cost per item ratio… I’m feeling much better.  


So the next time you're thinking, “Should I spend $95 on a cropped tank (or better yet a preloved one for at least half the price)?” I hope you'll buy it….


And if you need a reason, just say you have a “fashion illness”.


That’s always worked for me!


On a Serious Note - For all of those that are struggling or dealing with health issues or know of someone that is… I’m sending all my love and light!



Here are some of my favorites that are still hidden in my drawers:

Just a tip - Use Google Lens (Link to My Blog on Google Lens Tips) and take a picture of the item below and see if a preloved one is available for more than half the price!