Bandana Time!

Listen, I am all up for a cool headband (especially if it is a Lele Sadoughi headband).  Headbands are a very straightforward accessory… but, if we take a look at the bandana, we begin to see that it can go from a headpiece to a necklace to a bracelet, and even to a belt!  I mean we have some options here… some really creative options. If the bandana is a bit bigger, we can move it into “scarf territory.”  You could even wear it as a top or around your favorite mini skirt!

So… is it Bandana Time? 

I would say… YES!!!


My bandana usage became almost daily when I did a stint in New Orleans.  At first, I was telling myself that wearing a bandana was extremely fashionable.   Daily, I would roll a bandana super tight and put it around my neck to literally stop the sweat from my hair rolling down my back.  (Yes, I will admit it!  It was summer and it was muggy and I walked everywhere).  I had a pretty great selection of cotton bandanas at this point and I did get a lot of compliments.  Granted, most people in the French Quarter usually have had a few drinks (if not more) so I am not sure they were really complimenting my fashion sense…


Lately, I have found that my collection of bandana’s have grown and so has the fabric content which now consists mostly of silk bandanas (and scarves).  Granted, if I am at a Walmart and I pass the side aisle with the assortment of bandana’s for $2.00, I will grab the colors I don’t seem to have collected in my basket (yes, my basket of bandana’s I have in my room.  The scarves are folded in a 3 tiered bin… hahahahaha!)


Totally ridiculous… but…. I am not gonna lie….


This past summer I went to a country concert, whipped a black bandana out, rolled that sucker so tight around my neck, and paired it with an off the shoulder black top, some RE/DONE cutoffs, and, of course, Lucchese cowboy boots.  Surprisingly enough, I received several compliments on the bandana.  


So… I think I am on to something here.  

As the Spring hits us and summer is just a few weeks away, you might want to consider using a bandana or two in your hair (so many different ways to wear a bandana in your hair; See Article in BYRDIE Below) or wrapped tight as a necklace.  Maybe think of creating a bracelet using a piece of leather and wrapping that around a bandana or even wrapping two different colored bandanas together (or do a monochrome look with two matching bandanas) to make a belt.  

It’s all about being creative and a bit adventurous with our fashion… Am I Right?  


So… it sounds like it’s… Bandana Time!





Here is One of My Favorite Articles in BYRDIE written by Sophie Ross; Bandana Hairstyles Are Surprisingly Versatile—Try One of These 25 Styles


Here are Some of My Favorite Bandanas & Scarves:

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