Get the BEST price on (or find) anything - Google Lens!

Let me help you with Google Lens

So…I know you have been where I have been.  

You find an item you love…but…wait.

You notice that it is SOLD OUT.  


This can’t be…right?  

Well it is.  

So…what is next…

You're not going to give up…I know you way too well because I know myself.

I will find that item.

It has to be somewhere…right?

It is. Let me help you. 

It all starts with you taking a picture of an item you are in love with….and using the Google Lens search option.  I have been using Google Lens for the most part of this year thanks to my business partner who helped me start using the tool to quickly find images, shop for images and compare pricing across the web.
How do you use it?
Here’s how!
Take a Picture of the item you are looking for. Save it in your photos. Select the photo you have saved and scroll down until you see Search with Google Lens - Select that option. Then you will see the lens capture the item. Visual matches should appear under the original picture. You should also see a sidebar with options such as translate, text, search, homework, shopping, places and dining. Select Shopping and Google Lens will capture the image again and all items resembling the image for sale should emerge.

I know…You’ve stopped reading this blog and are now gonna find all the items you once thought you could not find and hopefully for a better price!

I love sharing tips…more tips to come soon!




PS - from your Chrome browser you can right-click and select "Search image with Google Lens"  



Link to this search (If you bookmark a search you can check back for the latest prices and results)

Sample Google Lens Save Money Style and Give


Link to Official Google Lens Webpage