The Spring Closet Reset!  [Episode 12]

Learn from our expert Tera! From Personal Styling to Closet Editing and Organization, I believe that every woman deserves to feel happy and you should have a sense of style that makes you feel your best.


Cleaning out a closet should be a simple 5 Step process:

1~ Decide what stays and what goes- 3 piles, keep, sell ( Style and Give, Posh, TRR, etc), and donate! When donating try friends, check around to see what local families are in need, check with the schools and last resort, The Goodwill.

2~Repair the classics worth keeping- Steam clean, sweater care, shoe repair and bags, alterations. 

3~Get Organized- matching hangers, jewelry organizers, utilize draw space, add bins, are you a seasonal closet person? Reassess your actual space-do you need to rearrange your current space to adjust?

4~Strategize & Rebuild- filling in the blanks, which is the fun part. Upgrade essentials and upgrade classics. 

5~ Enlist Help- Hire TCS to help; this will save you $, have fun, getting a new set of eyes is always helpful with an honest opinion.

It is OK to ask for help!  Tera is trusted and professional - Visit Tera Coughlin Styling

You have the ultimate control!

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    How to Glam Up Your Closet:

    • paint/ wall paper walls
    • Install new closet new system
    • New light fixtures
    • Drawer organizers/ liners
    • Decorate shelves
    • Add artwork
    • Add rug
    • Beautiful jewelry organizers
    • Shop your closet

    Rachel Shares... 

    If you have an area where you start to transport your spring favorites back into your current closet all while rotating your winter wears away, the clean out should start there. I usually at the end of every season pick up some closeout favorites. So right off the bat, I will get excited because I have totally forgotten about these purchases!!

    Here’s the deal: you know you're a mega shopper when you start to transition your pieces for the next season and have a delightful surprise realizing you bought some amazing closeouts the prior season that you just forgot about… what? I know… it happens every season!

    Yes, take it from me… every new season I get excited. So don’t forget to get those closeout deals at the end of every season. Buy pieces that you know you will need for fall and winter now. This could be the bright Fair Isle Sweater you want to get your hands on or the Viva Magenta scarf that is the pantone color of 2023. Yes, buy for fall and winter and resale items you know you aren’t wearing now for spring/summer.

    It is best to sell garments, shoes, and accessories right before the upcoming season. You should make more money off sandals and shorts or more seasonal items when being consigned right before the start of the spring/summer season.

    Granted, if I want an item out of my closet, I will just resale it or consign it. I like to check things off my list… to be honest, if I wait until right before the season, I might not sell it. I will most likely rethink it. 




      Thank you again for joining us!  As we leave you to go take on the world - We hope this podcast has helped  in some way open your mind to new ideas, help you generate your creativity, encourage you to call your friends and has ultimately added a little more happiness into your day!

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