Being REAL with Jenny Matthews [Episode 13]

“The thing about being BRAVE is it doesn’t come with the absence of FEAR and HURT.”  Jenny


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You have the ultimate control!


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This episode goes REAL with many of life's issues:


In order…


0:00 Intro 

0:55 - Old Friendship Jenny and Tera

3:05 -  New Friends Jenny & Rachel and now Tera & Rachel

4:35 - “Meet Your People” - How I met my Radio Q104 Co Host Mike Kellar

6:35 - Faith and Relationship with God - “For I know the plans I have for you” Jeremiah 29:11  

7:30 - “The Bring It” Tee Shirt Collection with Etch Life in Liberty MO

10:37 - Infertility Issues & Miscarriages (“Don’t feel alone”) and even more 

12:40 - Dog Bite on the face on air:  “My nose was detached” ~~ “Leaving internal metal scars”

15:25 - “The shame you put on yourself” ~~ “Hot mess” Trauma and working through. Tools to help Meditation 

21:53 - Mental Health, Deep Anxiety, Depression. Infertility “Cold Uterus”. Traditional Medicine (Rx & MD), F riends.  Dr. Mary Zhang - Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture.

31:31 - Growing up and my brother passed away from a drug addiction. “Getting through  the depression and getting back out” 

37:30 - How did you seek and who did you see for help?   

43:15 - Define My Style by Tera in three words.  FREE PEOPLE

48:07 - Talking about God. Love in the name of Christ | Clay County, MO

50:00 - Wrapping up and see you next week to talk about Spring Dress and make it POP!


      Thank you again for joining us!  As we leave you to go take on the world - We hope this podcast has helped  in some way open your mind to new ideas, help you generate your creativity, encourage you to call your friends and has ultimately added a little more happiness into your day!

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      As we leave you today,


      We are All One.  So be Good and Give!














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