Memorial Day - Fashion Tips & Top Trends [Episode 18]

Memorial Day is almost here….

What are your plans? BBQ, Family Get Together, Pool Parties, Golfing or Maybe a Trip?

This Episode We share:

  • Our plans and diving into to:
  • What to Wear for your Memorial Day Weekend Events?
  • What to Pack in your Traveling on Memorial Day Weekend?
  • Styling Ideas using the Top Trends in 2023!
  • How to Shop Your Closet?
  • What are your favorite drinks, food or appetizers to bring to a Memorial Day Get Together?

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 Memorial Day is almost here…

  • Guess I am coming over here….bahahahah! No really, I mean it:) If the weather is good..I will definitely be outside enjoying some nature.  
  • Oh and and going to start self tanning NOW!
  • Barbeques, Family Get Together, Pool Parties, The Lake, Golfing or Maybe a Trip?

What to Wear for your Memorial Day Weekend Events?

  • Obviously, the colors red, white & blue (even if it’s just one color you stick with) 
  • Beautiful all white summer dress is my favorite pick and then add an accessory. I will usually get a silk or cotton scarf and roll it up like a choker necklace and tie it around my hair or I will wear it in my hair. Madewell has some amazing silk and cotton bandanas that are light enough to not totally make you faint when wearing in the heat. They literally saved my life when I lived in New Orleans.
  • Any and all light airy dresses, striped, patterned or monochrome - Halter, Cutouts and Maxi’s are in this season.
  • A long flowy skirt with a basic t-shirt and then load on the jewelry
  • Basic White T-shirt dress in White - Usually very reasonable priced and you can add a red or blue sandal and loads of jewelry and look like a million bucks
  • Denim Shorts with a long sleeve striped silk, linen or seer sucker button up 
  • Jumpsuits….they’re your friends!

What to Pack in your Traveling on Memorial Day Weekend?

  • Sunscreen (Bahahaha) I love SuperGoop GlowScreen (Gorgeous Glow with 40 SPF)
  • A Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Skirts 
  • Light Airy Dress
  • Matching Sets
  • Swimsuit 
  • Cover-up Options
  • Day to Night Looks….Such as a dress you could add jewelry and change shoes for a nice look if needed
  • Think of fabric that works well in heat - Most activities or parties are usually (for the most part) outside.


Styling Ideas using the Top Trends in 2023!

  • I mean anything oversize - Wear an oversize men’s t-shirt as a dress?  Why not?
  • Cargo Pants - If cotton cargo’s aren't appealing think of doing a pair in silk or satin?
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Cut-outs 
  • Denim on Denim
  • Big Bold Color - Lime Green, Magenta, Red, Yellow…and of course a bright Blue for Memorial Day!
  • Anything Mini

How to Shop Your Closet? 

What are your favorite drinks, food or appetizers to bring to a Memorial Day Get Together?

  • I love a watermelon salad
  • I feel like a really good potato salad is a must…I prefer one made with mustard 
  • I mean my favorite….wait for it…Coconut Cake - It’s light and you can decorate the top with blueberries, strawberries or raspberries even blackberries to make a flag design or just incorporate the red and blue colors



    Thank you again for joining us!  As we leave you to go take on the world - We hope this podcast has helped  in some way open your mind to new ideas, help you generate your creativity, encourage you to call your friends and has ultimately added a little more happiness into your day!

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