Swimsuit Trends in 2023 đź’› [Episode 19]

This week we are talking about what is trending in swimsuit designs. We also dive in to discuss cover-up ideas you might not have considered wearing.

Join us as we share...

  • Swimsuits in 2023/ Styles, Cuts & Colors
  • Amazing Swimsuit Brands
  • What Cut is Best for What Body Shapes
  • Cover-ups

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 Swimsuits in 2023/ Styles, Cuts & Colors 

  • Swimsuits in 2023 are smaller than ever. Bottoms are cheekier, triangle tops have shrunken down to minute proportions, and underboob seems to have become an inevitability. If you are not going for the itty bitty string bikini, there are ways to update your swimwear wardrobe by incorporating prints and design details.
  • Long Sleeve Swimsuits - Sheer Sleeves, Cutouts & Bright Colors 
  • Athletic Swimwear - Super Sporty, Asymmetrical Straps, Lots of Color Blocking. In 2023, athletic bikinis offer full-coverage tops and bottoms while still incorporating a detailed cutout.
  • Metal Accents & Ring Bikinis - (Thank you Julia Fox) - 
  • Sequined Swimwear - We are seeing sequins on Bikinis and One-Pieces.
  • Shimmer Swimwear  - It’s all about the texture and how it glistens in the pool - Think Bold Colors, Lime Green, Coral, Reds & Oranges…or go for a Sparkle Black Suit.
  • Mermaid Style Swimsuits -  Scallop-Edge Bikini tops, themed prints, and mermaid scale-inspired textures that go between a  metallic and a  shimmer. (Think Hailey Bieber Glazed Donut Nail Trend)
  • Color Blocking - Used across the Board in every Swimsuit Style this Season. Could find more Subtle Color - such as Light Corals, Browns, Nudes, White and Black.
  • Vintage Silhouettes - Silky Fabrics, Ribbon Closures, Bows and Ruffles - Softer Romantic Sexiness
  • High-Waisted One Pieces & Bikinis - Supposedly have more Coverage in the stomach area pulling that waist in
  • Bralette (think Lingerie inspired) Swimsuits - Bra-like styles like Demi, Balconette and Super Deep Plunge Cuts.
  • Off The Shoulder Swimsuits - Think Bandeau, V Neck, Square or Sweetheart Necklines - Add Bows at Shoulders…even Draped Design Detail at Arms.


Swimsuit Brands

Some of These Brands Were Mentioned in Vogue’s 2023 Article on Top Swimsuit Brands:  26 Need-to-Know Swimsuit Brands to Shop Now by Alexis Bennett


What Cut is Best for What Body Shapes

  • Know Thy Measurements - Shoulders, Torso, Bust, Waist & Hips
  • Pear Body Shape - Highlights your bust or chest area, Flatters your lower body curves, Pick a suit that accentuates your waistline/torso
  • Inverted Triangle Shape - You want to Draw attention to the neckline or hips, Pick Bottoms that have big details Accents
  • Apple Body Shape - Plunging Neckline make sure to Accentuate the neckline, Gathered or Accent details at the waistline, A swimsuit that shows off the legs
  • Athletic Body Shape -Tops with Thick Bands that Show off Shoulders, Bottoms that have side accents or details, Bold Waistband or Bold Waist Details
  • Hourglass Body Shape - Supportive Bikini Tops, One-Piece Swimsuits, High Waisted Bottoms that show off Hips and Waist
  • Rectangle Body Shape - Details that draw attention to the shoulders and neckline, Supportive tops that accentuate the bust, Bold waistline details such as gathered sides or asymmetrical patterns are best


Think outside the box:

  • Use an oversize silk cardigan or see through cardigan
  • Seeing lots of One Pieces with Jeans creating a bodysuit and jean look (nice idea) 
  • Use Ponchos - Fringe or Crocheted
  • Shorts (Cut-off RE/DONE or Vintage Levi Cutoffs are my favorites
  • Oversize T-shirt Dress
  • Oversize White or Black Linen Button Shirt 
  • Strapless Maxi Dress
  • Oversize Band T-shirt




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