Accessories Today đź’› [Episode 20]

This week we are talking about accessories and how they can change your look. We also dive into a discussion about the array of accessories, where to get a deal, and more…

  • What are the Many Types of Accessories 
  • What Accessories could I be missing in my closet or jewelry box?
  • Where to Shop for Accessories
  • How to Change Your Fashion Look Using Specific Accessories
  • The Best Accessories in 2023

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     What are the Many Types of Accessories:

    • Handbags (Clutch, Shoulder Bags, Crossbodys, Satchels, Backpacks, Wristlets, Belt Bags, Handle Bags, Tote Bags)
    • Shoes (Sneaker, Flats, Flip Flops, Clogs, Wedges, Mules, Hels, Sandals, Kitten Heels Pumps, Booties, Boots)
    • Jewelry (Earrings, Bangles and Bracelets, Necklaces, Body Chains, Anklets), 
    • Hats (Beanies, Wide Brimmed, Cowboy, Baseball)
    • Hair accessories (Headbands, Hair Clips, Hair Pins)
    • Belts (Beaded, Classic, Thick, Waist Cinching, Decorative,  Elasticized, Western and Chain-Link)
    • Eyewear (Glasses and Sunglasses)
    • Scarves and Bandanas 
    • Umbrella (Get a bold color or just stick to a simple black, navy  or dark green)
    • Gloves
    • Nails - Is this considered an accessory?
    • Perfume - Hmmm is this an accessory?

    What could I be missing in my closet or jewelry box?

    • Do you own a pair of gold or silver hoops (in different sizes)
    • A pair of pearl earrings
    • A pair of diamond studs
    • A pair of huggies (hoops that hug ears)
    • Several statement earrings
    • A statement ring
    • A cocktail ring
    • Stackable Rings
    • Classic Watch - I recommend a Cartier Tank or Preloved 
    • If you only wear your Apple Watch - Think of Changing up the Bands for a different look 
    • A Bolo - Bolo’s are big this year
    • Black Belt
    • Brown Belt
    • Beaded Belt
    • Chain-Link Belt
    • Belts with Silver Detail and Belts with Gold Detail
    • Snakeskin Belts
    • Western Belt 
    • Hats
    • Headband 
    • Bandana 


    Where to Shop for Accessories

    • Your local Resale Shops, Goodwill, Estate Sales & Garage Sales
    • Online (Etsy, TRR, Current Boutique…etc)
    • Try Beni - Their site helps you find anything secondhand - Shop your favorite sites & Beni will show you the best resale listings that match what you're shopping for. Owners - Sarah Pinner(CEO/Co-Founder) and Celine Mol CTO/CO-Founder - Beni was born in 2021 when a broke student trying to find something cute to wear to a wedding was frustrated by the number of secondhand sites she had to search through. Today, it's a must-have shopping tool for thousands of people looking to save money and feel good about their purchases. Check it out at


    How to Change Your Fashion Look Using Specific Accessories

    • Add Statement Jewelry 
    • Add a Bold Sandal, Heel, Pump or Boot
    • Add a Sculptural Art Piece such as a Belt, Jewelry or Shoe
    • Layer Your Jewelry
    • Add a Hair Accessory
    • Add Color (Bright Handbag or Shoe)
    • Put on a Statement Belt (One with Color, Design, Texture or Unique Belt Buckle) 
    • Try Nail Art or Do you Nails - This adds to any outfit 
    • Grab a Scarf and Wrap Around your Handbag or Tote Bag


    The Best Accessories in 2023

    • Supersize Bags - Large Tote Bags in Raffia or Bold Colors 
    • The Ballet Flat
    • Stiletto Heels 
    • Something Silver (Sequin on Garments, Bracelet, Rings, Earrings, silver Accent on Belts)
    • Layered Jewelry - Think Bracelets 
    • Bucket Hats
    • The Rosette Detail (Around Neck, Waist or Worn in Hair or on Shirt or Garment)
    • Sheer, Leather, Cropped, Fingerless or Long Over the Elbow Gloves
    • Loafers
    • Raffia Totes and Raffia Brimmed Sun Hats
    • Birkenstocks
    • Sculptural Heels with pops of color
    • Oval Framed Sunglasses

    Article from WHO WHAT WEAR - 6 Major Accessory Trends You'll Want to Bookmark in 2023 by MAXINE EGGENBERGER

    Article From Vogue We Asked Buyers to Predict Summer’s Bestseller Accessories—Here’s What Made the Cut BY ALEXIS BENNETT


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