Oversize Faux Fur Coat with Snakeskin Boots

You survived the turkey day madness! Major props to you!

My Thanksgiving was pretty chill. No crazy family shenanigans this time.  Well… maybe a few (ha ha).  

I lucked out - no cooking duty for me, thanks to the always reliable Capital Grille

What I wore…

I opted for a stunning Sandro silk dress with a chic long tie elegantly knotted at the front. The dress boasted these gorgeous green jade-like buttons, inspiring me to pair it with these massive, eye-catching turquoise earrings I snagged in Telluride ages ago. To amp up the glam, I slipped into some sleek Stuart Weitzman knee-high boots in gray suede and leather, and threw on an oversized, cozy gray Iro coat to seal the look. Lunch was a whirlwind, over in a blink, and suddenly I found myself back at home reminiscing about those moments, but ready to get into my plaid oversize pajamas.

With my kiddo off at their dad’s place and my Christmas tree already shining bright, I took on the ultimate task: gift-wrapping. Yep, you read that right. I was on a roll.

Oh, and as luck would have it, I got hit with a double ear infection. Not exactly my idea of a fun time, but hey, it had its perks — like skipping the Black Friday chaos and saving some serious cash.

Instead of fighting the shopping stampede, I camped out in bed, bundled up, and dived into the world of "Drops of God" on Apple TV. Man, that series is a rollercoaster! Subtitles and all, it had me hooked between gift-wrapping sessions. Multitasking like a pro, if I do say so myself.

So yeah, while others were elbow-deep in shopping bags, I was conquering wrapping paper and subtitles like a true holiday warrior. Who says being down with an ear infection can't be productive and entertaining, right?

And then Cyber Monday decided to sneak its way into Friday.

Sneaky little thing.

But I wasn't going to let those skincare and makeup gems slip through my fingers! No7, Dior, and YSL were calling my name, and guess what? Free shipping AND discounts were in the cards! Dior and YSL rolled out the red carpet with their 30% off deal — cue the happy dance! Don't take a breath quite yet, because No7 swooped in with a whopping 40% off plus free shipping. I practically snatched up their line-reducing, anti-aging serums, retinoid cream, and eye cream for what I will use for my next spa day! My wallet did a happy backflip. 

YSL Beauty Store Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Basics
Dior Beauty Store Dior Beauty Basics

 Who knew Cyber Monday could come early and make my skincare dreams come true?!

I also braved Amazon's maze of virtual aisles right before Cyber Monday, hoping for some steals. Felt like I was only scratching the surface, but hey, these were must-haves, so I'll gladly take that 10% and call it a victory!

Just one thing remained… The final challenge on my list: was to put up the lottery tree. 

Yep, I’m a Texan at heart, and holiday scratch-offs are a thing. I purchased this giant hanging Felt Christmas Tree Advent Pocket Calendar from Pottery Barn a while back and filled it with scratch-offs for every day 

in December. Trust me, when friends and family swing by, they’re all about testing their luck. And now, before December 1st hits, I'm already in need of a refill for the first week of December!

Well I Hope the first round of holiday fun, family and shopping was as exciting as it was for me!

Enjoy the Holidays and remember to relax! Let’s rest up before 2024 sneaks out from around the corner! 


2023 is almost done and 2024 is right around the corner