Vintage Louis Vuitton brown leather bag

When it comes to holiday gifting in 2023, 

I think it’s time we think outside the box. Imagine surprising your loved ones with something truly special and unique. A great way to get those one of a kind finds is by looking at resale gifts! I have friends that have been doing this for years. 

I have received an amazing vintage green coat along with a vintage wool Pendleton scarf that was in incredible condition.  

To be honest it made me feel very special.  My friends took their time to really give a personalized gift.

So when you're scouring the web this season, think about gifting a vintage scarf that can add to your friends’ or family’s style, or maybe a pre-loved designer accessory that screams luxury without breaking the bank? 

As for the bookworms and music buffs in your life, think about gifting a rare edition book or a cherished vinyl record could make their holiday unforgettable. And let's not forget those vintage home decor gems. Everyone loves adding character to their space! 

Oh, and maybe an artisanal creation or upcycled treasure? They're both meaningful and eco-friendly! 

You might even consider a subscription to a service that delivers curated secondhand goodies tailored to your best friend's taste — a gift that keeps on giving. 

This holiday season, make it about surprising them with gifts that have a story, a personality, and a touch of sustainability!

Resale gifts can be unique and thoughtful! I have at times gifted pieces out of my own closet to a friend as a gift when I know they have loved the item and have told me more than once that they would love to have one.  Yes, this isn’t for everyone, but maybe that one very special friend.

Gifting a resale item just feels more personal, you know?

So in 2023, here are some of the best ideas for resale gifts for the holiday season that I would consider gifting:

Vintage Accessories: 

Classic scarves, an oversize shawl or throw, handbags, or statement jewelry pieces that add a touch of personality to any outfit.

Vintage Statement Jackets: 

A classic leather or denim jacket with a unique flair adds instant coolness to any wardrobe.  This has been trending on TikTok (buying statement jackets and giving a unique fun gift that supports sustainability and is an investment piece at the same time).

Luxury Accessories: 

Pre-owned designer handbags, scarves, or sunglasses from top brands are both stylish and sustainable.

Timeless Dresses: 

Vintage or gently used dresses in classic silhouettes or unique patterns make for memorable and fashionable gifts. I am always looking for a silk slip dress. This would make for a uniquely surprising gift. (Friends and Family - I am in need of a deep navy or burgundy one), 

Designer Knitwear:

 High-quality sweaters or cardigans from renowned brands offer warmth and style during the winter months.  This is a good idea - especially if you find a quality brand and the condition of the item is good.

Tailored Blazers: 

A well-fitted blazer in a versatile color can elevate any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication. (Again, I am seeing a lot of videos on TikTok encouraging buying Preloved Blazers and letting them circle your friend group or better yet being given as a gift.

Designer Sneakers or the Ultimate Heel:

 Limited edition or collectible sneakers from past seasons could be a trendy and sought-after gift for shoe enthusiasts. I am on the lookout for a pair of size 5 Men’s Dior B23 Oblique High Top Sneakers. (if you find some, let me know!) Also, I know that my girlfriends love an amazing high heel or are always looking for a perfect flat.  I'd pretty much guarantee if you shop with your girlfriends (like me) you know their shoe size already, consider finding a repurposed resoled heel or unique flat that looks brand new and gift it this season.

ANY Designer Finds: 

High-quality, pre-owned designer clothing or accessories from reputable brands can make a luxurious and sustainable gift. Yes…you might have to sort by condition, price and designer on the website but it is worth it and I bet you will also find some grand designer pre owned items for yourself.

Rare Books or Vinyl Records: 

For the reader and music enthusiast, finding a rare edition book or a cherished vinyl record can be a treasure. I am a huge collector of Vinyl (hint, hint)

Antique Home Decor: 

Vintage or antique home decor items like vases or candle holders.

Upcycled or Handcrafted Items: 

Artisanal creations or upcycled products, such as repurposed leather catchall tray or handmade accessories, make for meaningful and eco-friendly gifts.

It's not just about the gift itself, it's about the whole story behind it. 

Picture this: you find this one-of-a-kind treasure, something with history and character, and it's like, "This is so them!" 

Plus, there's something about choosing a pre-loved item that's been waiting for a new home — it's a thoughtful nod to reducing waste and supporting a greener planet. 

And when you hand it over, it's not just a gift; it's like saying, "Hey, I really get you!" 

It's unexpected, special, and definitely more personal.

So happy resale shopping this holiday season!


Here are Some of My Favorites Finds or Gifts for 2023:

A Curated Thrift - Subscription Box

Discogs - A great online community to purchase collectible vinyls 

Bibilo - Find a rare book or purchase used books 

SAINT LAURENT Suede Bandana - $130 (The Real Real)

Cult Gaia Hera Mini Hoop Earrings - $170 (The Real Real)

Isabel Marant Scarf - $179.99 (thredUP)

ALTUZARRA Leather Plaid Print Pumps - $80.50 (The Real Real)

14K Safety Pin Earrings - $255 (The Real Real)

Figue Makeup Bag - $44.19 (thredUP)

SIES MARJAN Faux Fur Coat - $190.50 (The Real Real)

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato The Pouch - $1,694.99 (thredUP)

Chanel Faux Pearl and Enamel CC Drop Earrings - $470 (The Real Real)

Veronica Beard Leather Jacket - $576.99 (thredUP)

Annie Bing Printed Plaid Coat - $199.50 (The Real Real)

Barton Perreira Sunglasses - $81.24 (thredUP)

PROENZA SCHOULER Embossed Patent Leather Pumps - $64 (The Real Real)

Alexander McQueen Scarf - $167.99 (thredUP)

SEE BY CHLOÉ Mules - $345 (The Real Real)

Pierre Balmain Leather Top - $345.99 (thredUP)

ALTUZARRA Leather Mesh Accents Pumps - $89 (The Real Real)

Rachel Comey Acrylic Tortoise Factory Hoop Earrings - $75 (The Real Real)

Gucci Monogram Scarf - $255.99 (thredUP)

Manolo Blahnik Leather Silver Heels - $391.99 (thredUP)

NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD Leather Loafers - $138 (The Real Real)

Annie Bing Printed Animal Print Fur Coat - $236 (The Real Real)

Marni Resin Drop Earrings - $93.75 (The Real Real)

Gucci Belt - $338.99 (thredUP)

Marc Jacobs Black Leather Clutch - $248.99 (thredUP)

Tom Ford Abbey Sunglasses - $222.99 (thredUP)

Louis Vuitton Mona Lisa Handbag with Vintage Jewelry Pieces
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