What’s the Give?

 So, as the giving season is upon us and we start looking for gifts for the upcoming season.  How do you know what to give?  

 As I usually do during the start of the season, I do a little online shopping! I mean, when am I not shopping?! 


I am constantly looking on sites for good deals and also for new ideas for gifts.  I am noticing the holiday gift section is being promoted at a high rate and the items are typically universal home goods.  


I’ve started asking more of my friends and family, “What do you want this holiday season?” Of course, I’ve been getting alot of eye rolls and “I don’t need anything”s, but I have also noticed that several of my friends and family know exactly what they want. 


It’s not outlandish items but items they would typically use all the time. Let’s see… I have been told “you can just pick up my favorite lip liner”… to… “I love those Lumify eye drops and I run out of them so quickly”… to… “I really just need a new pair of slippers” and well, lots and lots of Pokemon cards.  Yeah… the Pokemon cards are one of the many items on my son’s list of Christmas needs and wants. 

I am trying to be thoughtful and ask so I give what my friends and family want, but I also want to give something unexpected!

So, what’s the give?


If you're like me and NOT a baker, but you light candles in your kitchen then an amazing candle is possible and a nice option.  I also love receiving vases.  Now, please don’t everyone go hit Home Goods and hook me up.  Another option that I have seen (and my mother’s personal favorite) is Harry & David (basically anything) which is something that I believe is appreciated and unexpected (if you don’t send it every year… like we do).  I’ve seen anything from amazing gift baskets to beautiful homemade marinara sauce that my neighbor handed out last holiday season.   


I will say that I usually get my family members a yearly leather bound desk diary from Graphic Image.  Every year they have a few changes in colors and leathers, but I let the family member pick the one they want.  Last year… “black” was the popular choice…I’m hopeful this year more colorful options will be chosen.  “This is also an option for those of you that have family members that don’t do digital calendars.”  


So as you're asking around this holiday season for what to give - Keep in mind that creativity and out of the box thinking such as a bold marinara or a candle that smells like a man (for those of us single ladies). They can really come in handy!  I mean, who doesn’t want a nice spaghetti meal and a man that smells nice this holiday season.


Enough joking….

Here is my list of some holiday gift ideas if you happen to need some:


Harry & David - Royal Riviera Pears (starts at $39.99), Traditional Fruit Cake (My Grandmothers personal favorite…not mine…haha $34.99) Carrot Cake ($69.99), Holiday Mixed Nuts Crate ($59.99) 


Graphic Image - 2023 Desk Diary - comes in Goat skin leather ($120) and Crocodile embossed leather ($138) - these usually go 20% off - so watch for the sale! I am loving the kelly green goatskin leather one for 2023!


Le Labo - Santal 26 Candle ($510), Santal 26 Candle ($82 - smaller version), Diptyque - Baies / Berries Candle ($72), or Pickwick & Co. - Candles ($25) 

These are some of my favorites:

  • Oakmoss:Woodsy and leafy with hints of citrus and spice
  • Leather Tobacco & Woods:smoky leather, Tobacco Leaf and Agarwood
  • Black Pepper: Bright and spicy floral top notes with a warm amber base
  • Italian Olive: Olive Leaf, Geranium and Rosewood
  • Fireside: Smoldering embers, warm vanilla with natural oils of clove, fir needle, frankincense, cedar moss and elemi
  • Black Cardamom: Notes of grapefruit and cardamom lead to geranium, rose, oakmoss and vetiver
  • Winter Woods: Pine needles, orange, wild berries


Pendleton Throw Blanket - White Sands Sherpa Throw Blanket ($29.99 - 40% off) and a more expensive version Pendleton Yakima Faux Fur Back Stripe Oversized Throw ($229)


Socks - Skims Slouch Sock ($16), Bombas Holiday Calf Set ($60.80), UGG Adah Cozy Chenille Sparkle Socks ($20),Stems Melange Cozy Socks 2-Pack ($26), Quince Cashmere Trouser Sock ($29.90)


Minnetonka Slippers - Chrissy Slipper ($59.95), Piled Lined Hardsole ($49.95), Sheepskin Hardsole Moc ($74.95), Sheepskin Softsole Moc ($74.95), Torrey ($69.95)


Birkenstock - Arizona Big Buckle Shearling ($180), Arizona Shearling Suede Leather ($160) Boston Shearling Suede Leather ($170) - My dad got me a pair of the Arizona Shearling last Christmas and I love them!