Black Friday Preview - Let the Hunt Begin!

Are you ready??? 

This year, I have seen a lot more preview advertisements for Black Friday than last year.  So you can literally start shopping now…right?

I know I have my eyes on a few electronics for Black Friday, the Apple's AirPods Max and possibly a new MacBook Pro.

But what can we expect from luxury department stores and online luxury retailers for Black Friday?

Are retailers already running deals? 

It seems so!

Gone are the days I go out on Black Friday for “the hunt”.  Oh yes, I was “that” shopper.  The one that would go visit her cousin Jason (Big Shout out to my cousin Jay and his beautiful wife Kana) in San Francisco and would intentionally stay downtown to hit Neiman Marcus, Sak’s, Nordstrom, Gumps and any and all shops along the way.  It would start early on Black Friday. 


I was up and at 'em!  Knowing the tradition was to hit the shops hard and have them mail all evidence back to me. I was in and I was out.  I would preview the items on Wednesday night, making instant friends with the sales ladies (they held back items for me on Wednesday, rang them on Friday and shipped them on Monday. THANK YOU, LADIES!). 


I also had to be done by 11am because we still had to hit Napa for the weekend.  Mainly because we had to make it to Thomas Keller’s Addendum in time for the fried chicken and barbeque.  Yeah, Black Friday used to really be something… followed by many, many glasses of wine.  


It was a grand plan.  At the time, it looked like I bought nothing.  Until… haha… they arrived. 


My cousin called and wanted me back out this Holiday season but I couldn't go this year.  Style and Give just launched and the timing wasn’t ideal.  The plan is to go next year (I mean, we ARE going next year!)   It’s time, it’s written and it is promised (Mark my words, Jason and Kana…I’m BACK)!  Time for Thanksgiving Dinner at The Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay again and, well, the shopping… and the wine and the wine and the wine… and my fabulous family. 


 Is it too late to book my trip for this Holiday season?  I know…


Well, this Blog started about Black Friday deals. I better get back on track.  I don’t go out anymore.  If I am at home I am shopping online.  It’s hard for me because I would consider myself someone that likes to “see it” before I buy it.  I almost said I was “a visual person” but... isn’t buying online visual?


So what I do now is what I call… “the scout”.  I’m pre-looking, I’m watching… I might be going and looking at the item in person (if I need to) or I am reading all and any reviews.  I am seeing if this item is posted on social media… how it is being worn and OF COURSE seeing if I can find it second hand in LNWT condition.


So, here are some of the sites I am scouting. Some are already running sales!


Hmmmm… What does a girl need before the sale?… Another sale of course!


Happy Shopping From One Scout To Another!  Let the Hunt Begin!!!


Net-A-Porter - Shop to unlock up to 25% off 

Naadam - Take 25% using code FRIENDS25 

Amazon - Orolay Thickened Down Jacket is $20 off- Love this piece! Watch for the extra coupon box and apply it!

Anthropologie - Focused on holiday gifts, party dresses and gifts for home - Watch this site for more deals and remember free shipping on orders over $50

Shopbop - Currently running an up to 70% Sale 

Neiman Marcus - Currently running a gift card promotion from $50 -$500 with code: OCTGC - I’d expect a new promotion for November

Bergdorf Goodman - Just ran a 2 day sale of an extra 20% off sale - I would expect to see more deals like this leading up to Black Friday

Nordstrom - $60 Nordstrom Note to New Credit Card Applicants until 11/20 - Updated site with focus on Holiday Gift Giving 

Saks Fifth Avenue - Up to 30% off Fall Sale 

Farfetch - Sale items are anywhere from 30% to over 60% off - Same day delivery in Miami, Miami Beach, New  York and Los Angeles - Also loving this collection of bags to buy as gifts 

Moda Operandi - Take 25% off Fall Favorites with code PRIVATE25