Winter is coming! The weather has officially changed and I am finding that my “let me grab my coat” rhetoric is now a part of my daily routine. Something about putting on that bulky thing and getting in the car only to realize the coat really pulled your whole look together.  

Yes, coat love! 

It’s a thing.  

A coat is the one piece layered over your “real” outfit that will probably get the most looks this season.


What coat do you have on rotation this season or what coat did you buy at the end of last season (on clearance…I hope) that you're dying to get out of the closet?



I love myself a fancy coat. I mean, even if I have a sweatsuit on or heaven forbid my pajamas (which is most of the time… because leisure wear = day wear in my book) I know I can grab the packages off my porch.  I know I have that special, gorgeous coat that I can throw on and suddenly I look runway ready.


I know you know what I’m talking about.  The… “I’ll just put a coat over it” line. Yeah… That one.

So, this season, the cozy coats are in: anything big, furry, comfortable and preferably with a wrap around tie.  If you have an oversized maxi coat, get it out! The longer the better.  Shearling? Yes!


Shearling is in!  Love the look, the feel and the warmth… right?  If you have that quilted parka your mom made you buy because you could never get warm enough, pull that baby out and put any coat on with a matching scarf (these are made built-in this season… WHAT?). 


I know you own at least one of these styles…


There are so many different options for coats this season. Here are some of the styles of coats you probably have in your closet or might be shopping for and some optional “ways to wear”...


Tailored Coat - Double or Single breasted - Love this look with a monochrome color scheme.


Leather Biker - My go-to with my cashmere sets and flowy dresses (gives a bit of edge).


Parka - Get it out and put it on with a bright scarf or get a parka with a bit of detail!


The Plush Robe or Cozy Coat - The number 1 layering piece in my closet - Might want to try it in a bright color.


Maxi Coat - I want to be very clear… If you buy this coat in classic black, it will never go out of style. 


Bomber - Great with jeans and a hoodie, a sweatsuit or just an all black ensemble with black boots


Trench - I love my Burberry trench!  It is a staple and can go with just about any look.


Quilted Coats - Try this coat in a Khaki for a bit of a color shift instead of black.


Toggle Coats - I love a navy toggle coat - classic look that can be worn with brown, burgundy and black. 


Shearling Coat - Love this look with an over the head ribbed balaclava.


Puffer Coats - Try a bright color puffer, but keep the look monochrome (check out the photo with the blue puffer coat with a black monochrome look).

And of Course - Some of my favorite coats this season…


Burberry Long Kensington Heritage Trench Coat in Honey ($2,490)


FRANKIE SHOP Astra Technical Bomber Jacket ($389)


SEA Pascala Quilted Printed Shell Jacket ($550)


Mango Scarf Wool Coat in Medium Brown ($249.99)


Barbour Sedge Quilted Jacket in Marram Grass ($420)


Brooks Brothers Wool Twill Toggle Coat in Navy ($538.80)


Alice + Olivia The Notch Collar Coat in Black ($795)


Banana Republic Sherpa Officer Coat in Camel ($500)


Moncler Hermifur Fitted Puffer Coat w/ Removable Fur Hood ($2880)


Moncler Gourguet Long Shearling Puffer Coat in Stone ($3805)


BALENCIAGA Logo Jacquard Puffer Jacket (2990)


Lauren Ralph Lauren Double Breast Wool Blend Reefer Coat in New Vicuna ($229.90)


A&F Ultra Long Quilted Puffer in Light Brown ($200)


EAVES Cian Moto Jacket in Black and Beige ($258)


A.L.C. Archer Fuzzy Faux Leather Cropped Jacket ($595)


SAINT LAURENT Leather Biker Jacket (5490)

Okay, so as you get into your hall closet this season, I hope you too use the line…


“I’ll just put a coat over it” and then WORK IT!