The Spring Boot!

New season, new me, new clothes, new lipstick, maybe stick to a better diet, possibly exercise more… but definitely buying a spring boot!


Okay r13… you've got me with these mango leather mid cowboy boots. SOLD OUT?!  What?

What is it about it getting warmer and me wanting to get serious only about finding that perfect pair of boots to wear with my vintage cutoff levi’s or with the lace summer black dress I have in my closet…just waiting for the boot of its dreams to appear.

The truth of the matter is, boots are becoming a year round thing, so you can start shopping… NOW!

The western look is staying in place for 2023 (as we know and have been reminded) which means you can find a great pair of vintage cowboy boots or buy a preloved pair usually for a pretty great price (yeehaw!). But it’s not just the western boots that have some staying power in the boot game.
Mid rise, Over the Knee, Cutout Boots with Buckle detail, Lace-up Boots, Combat Boots, Open Toed Boots and, one of my least favorite, the see through boot (paired with magenta, lime green, or any type of bold color or sheer sock) are all a go!

Yes, you can see (hahaha) that boot rules are flying out the window.  


Just imagine an embroidered boot with your light weight wide leg jeans this spring season, or pairing an over the knee or mid calf boot with an asymmetrical waist jean short (again, r13 has nailed this look too).  Just pick your wash and let’s go!

You know all those skirts hanging in your closet just waiting for that perfect spring day? Get those skirts out and get yourself a white boot or light tan boot and shop your own closets first! 



You might be like me and have literally 2 pairs of combat boots with interchangeable colored laces that could be put on immediately with a floral matching short suit set.



The days have come and gone where you have to play by the boot fashion rules.

I mean with the Y2K era back in play for 2023… you can only imagine your options.

It’s time to boot up!


My favorite Boots NOW: