The Spring Dress Up!

Is it time for me to pull out the dresses…oh… but is it time!?

I’m not sure which one I am going to put on first!!

Is it too soon for all white, maybe my black lace one (might be a bit too Wednesday Addams…but maybe not), should I sail out with a nautical vibe, or maybe I should stick with a bright floral design…oh wait…I have a fantastic romantic ethereal spring dress that could help me fall in love (just kidding…but maybe not).


If you're like me…and check the temperature a week in advance and then daily to see when the next “real” Spring day is gonna show up…then keep reading.



Tomorrow, it’s gonna be 70 degrees.  70 degrees at this time in the season might as well be 90 degrees because the Spring dress I will be putting on will immediately make me feel like it's hot out.


Ohhhh yeah!


The one dress trend I haven’t embraced yet is the sheer trend…I have done lace and love lace but with a slip underneath…The sheer spring dress with the “full coverage bra and full coverage underwear” otherwise known as “undergarments” make me want to go to Europe and buy that sheer dress and well….rock it. 


However,  I am not feeling the sheer vibe would play locally… even in the trendiest of areas…but watch me head out this weekend for a drink and run into a stunning fashionista rocking this trend at one of the local speakeasies….just wait…as I speak it…it will happen.  I just know it!


Don’t worry! I will keep you posted.


It seems that I do enjoy a long sleeve spring dress.  I am one for usually covering my arms. I am not sure why I got so hung up about this but it has been an ongoing search every season to find light weight long sleeve “killah” spring dresses.   I want to feel sexy, romantic, edgy, sophisticated, pretty and destructured all at the same time.




Yes, I like to take a simple white long t-shirt dress and then add a chain belt or about 5 necklaces and an eccentric heel in a bright bold color or pattern to throw you off.  You probably won’t know where to look first.  That is the point.  I am creating art here! Ah HA!  I am creating what makes me light up.  



That is what I love about the Spring…the flowers, the sun, the budding trees…my allergies (just kidding, that totally sucks)....but what I am getting at is when nature regenerates…we follow… and we start to reach for color, texture, brightness, boldness, greenery through accessories and suddenly the simplicity of wearing all white with a wild pair of sunglasses or colored lenses.  We begin to come alive.


Well…that is my take on it.


What I am getting at is really just the excitement you feel when putting on a spring dress and stepping into that feminine energy, that goddess archetype that just makes you glow from within and feel unstoppable. 



Yep….and now I will play the song “Pretty Girl Magic” by Moonlight Scorpio over and over on repeat!


And as the song says…


I am protected

I have my guides

I am worthy

I am divine

I live by the sun, loved by moonlight

Life is what you make it, I made mine a paradise


I just ask the universe & the universe supplies!



So, as this Spring takes hold of you to bring out the brightness you have to shine in this world….


Remember to wear what you love, shine your light, spread your happiness and put on a fantastic Spring dress!