The Shopping Deadline
So, my good friend Tera Coughlin and I are headed to a fashion event this next week. Let’s say it’s a big outing for us.  I got in my closet and of course thought “Hmmm. I really want something new.”  I have options, but I want a new dress to wear and of course I don’t want to pay more than $40….and yes, I am being totally serious.

I spent Saturday night combing websites including my own to find the dress I had in mind.  In my head, the dress had a bodycon shape and was black or had some kind of crazy pattern with some bright colors that just make me happy inside.  It wasn’t hard to find options, which you might find surprising….


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I actually sent 15 picture options over to Tera to help me decide on one.  Did I buy just one? Heck No! I bought 3 and some heel-less lace-up suede boots to wear with one of the dresses.


Tera decided to go back in and shop her closet which I should have done. But, I thought I’d found pristine designer pieces for what a dress costs at Target.  So I hit “purchase”.


You might ask: How do I find “the deals”?  


First off, if I know what I am looking for, I use Google Lens (here is a link to the blog I wrote on how to use Google Lens). Even after I have found what I am looking for, I will use Google Lens to see if I can find a better price.  



When I shop online, one of my best friends is the “sort” option. If the site you're using has the option to sort by size, price, color, and condition - use it. If you're looking for a specific item like a black mini dress, you will want to type that in the search bar and then start sorting by…


Your size! (I know I always try to size down when I know I should size up).  Something to keep in mind: if you have a good tailor and see an amazing deal on a larger sized item, take it! It could be a good option turned into an amazing deal after alterations.  I then sort by price - low to high - and if given the option on a resale site, I will add the option of condition and start with the top tier of excellent, pristine, and, at times, very good.  Some sites do not have this option, so you rely on the description and system by which that site labels the condition of the items. This is important. When buying, remember to check the description or scale offered on the item you are purchasing to make sure it is the condition you're expecting and always check measurements (which means know your measurements… I know, but this will help you BIGTIME). 


I use this sorting option even when I am not shopping resale (gasp) which is usually on bedding or homegoods. It’s an excellent option to use on all retail websites.  

And once you think you've found the best deal, double check yourself with Google Lens.


Happy Deal Shopping!  You’ve got this!


💛 Rachel