Denim Trends in 2023

If you're like me and love to wear jeans, then this blog is for you. To say I am a jean collector would be a massive understatement.  I am a jean enthusiast and denim addict to the core.

I am the type of jean collector that forgets I already own several pairs of a particular cut, color and/or brand and will purchase again and then will have to do a major resale overload because of duplicates.  Yes, that kind of collector.


I will say I have gotten better… well, maybe a bit better.  I have definitely gotten better at buying preloved and that has been key to me being able to try so many different fits, patterns, and some fads (don’t worry, the fads will come back around faster than you expect).  I am excited to share some of the denim trends for 2023 that I have seen that are staying, coming around again,…and….well…frankly, some that I don’t understand. (inside out denim?)

This year, the western vibe is still going strong.  So “yeehaw” to that (I am originally from Texas so I feel I can throw that out)! I love that you can add a western belt, wear some fringed jeans or add a  suede vest to your collection to give this Western Vibe a try.  Cowboy boots are staying in the rotation as well and we don’t just have to wear them to the rodeo. 



Here are some of the Denim Trends for 2023:


Style Caster is highlighting


  • Straight Leg
  • Two-Toned Denim
  • Cargo Jeans
  • Asymmetrical Waist 
  • Baggy Waist 
  • Denim Boots
  • Classic Canadian Tux - Either the denim can match exactly or be similar shade 


    British Vogue loves


  • Long Denim Skirts - Midi Denim Skirts 
  • Wide Leg Jeans 
  • Y2K Sandblast Wash
  • Hand Appliqued Accents on Jeans
  • Distressed
  • Low Strung
  • Sandwashed 
  • Printed and Studded - This goes for Jackets and Jean Shirts
  • Denim Dresses (Long, Midi and Mini - anything goes)


    Denim on Denim is going strong throughout 2023.  I love this look because it can be worn in so many different ways and can elevate your style due to the monochromatic tones and different color combinations of the denim (think all black denim or monochromatic ivory denim). Yes, this can really make a statement and yet be so comfortable.  I absolutely love being able to be comfortable in denim. (It is possible, so try it!)



    Denim on Denim Trends in 2023:


    L'Officiel is talking about


  • Matching the Denim as best you can or similar shade of denim
  • Oversized Proportions
  • Black and Blue 
  • Inside Out (Literally Wearing Your Denim Inside Out)
  • Matching Coated or Waxed Denim  
  • Head to Toe Denim - Example: Denim Dress; Denim Stretch Skinny Jeans with an Over The Knee Jean Boot
  • Distressed - Example: Distressed Oversized Jean Jacket with Distressed Jeans
  • Patterned Denim
  • Patchwork Denim - It mixes well
  • Western Touches - Belt, Silver Button, Snap Closure Button Down with a Boot 
  • Coordinating Accessories - Example: Denim Bag with Denim Dress
  • Monochrome - Example: Dark Denim with Dark Denim  

    At times you can almost feel overwhelmed by all the different cuts of denim. I recently came across an article from MasterClass that covered the cuts and thought I would share the definitions of what they considered the different cuts of denim….just a bit of a cheat sheet…for those that might need it.  If you're a collector or massive buyer of denim you probably have this memorized…but if not, here you go…


    Different Cuts of Denim:


    • Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans (also known as cigarette jeans) are cut to be tight-fitting throughout the leg, from the thigh down to the ankle. They're usually made with stretch denim so that the wearer can get them off and on easily. They are often skin-tight like leggings.
    • Straight-leg Jeans: Straight-cut jeans appear to
      have a straight up-and-down fit through the entire leg. Straight jeans can be on the baggy side, like boyfriend jeans or relaxed-fit jeans, or the fitted side, like slim-fit jeans.
    • Bootcut Jeans: Bootcut jeans flare out slightly at the ankle. This type of jean pairs well with ankle boots.
    • Bell-bottom Jeans/Flare: Bell-bottom jeans have a snug fit through the thigh and flare out from the knee to the leg opening.
    • Wide-leg Jeans: Wide leg jeans are cut wide throughout the leg, beginning to flare around the mid-thigh and then continuing down to a wide leg opening. The difference between wide-leg and bell-bottom jeans is that bell-bottom jeans have more of an hourglass shape since they're tight around the thighs and knees, whereas wide-leg jeans have more of a triangle shape since the flare is more gradual.
    • High-rise Jeans: High-rise jeans, also known as high-waist jeans, sit at your natural waist, around your belly button.
      High-rise, straight-leg jeans were a popular style in the ’80s and ’90s, which led to them being called "mom jeans" in the 2000s. The once-retro look has come back in style since high-rise jeans pair well with crop tops or a tucked-in T-shirt.
    • Mid-rise Jeans: Mid-rise jeans sit between your waist and your hips. Mid-rise jeans typically hit about an inch below your navel.
    • Low-rise Jeans: Low rise jeans hit a few inches below your belly button at your hips. This style of jeans was very popular in the 2000s.


    The midi jean skirt is also a standout for 2023.  I am not sure if I will try this…  just kidding! I took a break from this blog to go purchase a vintage denim patchwork Levi's midi skirt. I’ve been caught! 


    If I were to style a denim midi, I might add a biker jacket, wear a crop top, add a pop of color (either with a jacket, vest or shirt) or do a monochromatic ivory denim or monochromatic black denim look (granted.. I would have to buy a black denim midi and an ivory denim midi skirt). Well, maybe next week, right?


    As you can tell by reading this, denim is going to be all over the place in 2023!  So many different trends, styles and looks to choose from.  


    This is gonna be fun!  


    I encourage you to think outside the box and do a Canadian Tuxedo look or try adding a western belt to your favorite jean or do a pattern jean.  Think outside the box!


    Again, fashion is in the eye of the beholder.  


    Be bold, be brave, and do YOU!


    Oh and… Jean On!



    Here Are My Top 3 Brands I Am Loving Right Now: