Sustainable Swim is In!

With more and more Swimwear brands using recycled materials to make their swimsuits. We are seeing that the world of fashion is changing… companies are wanting to support the circular fashion movement not only with buying second hand but when designing garments using eco-friendly and sustainable textiles. Some of the most common recycled swimwear fabrics are Repreve, which is a polyester made from plastic bottles, and Econyl, a nylon made from fishing nets and carpets.  

We are also finding the use of sustainable textiles like organic cotton, hemp, linen, wool, bamboo, Tencel and more being used as a standard for specific lines of eco-swimwear. 

Spurred by consumer interest in sustainable products in 2016, larger companies have started to explore natural dyes. Natural dyes may present an alternative that is less toxic and fully biodegradable. While plant-based dyes do not solve every challenge in sustainable design, they are an exciting alternative that are already inspiring further experimentation. Plant-based dyes reduce the amount of particles in wastewater. Additionally, plant-based dyes don’t have to be heated to high temperatures, and don’t require as much processing time as some synthetic dyes, which saves energy and helps reduce emissions s (Plant Color Collection, n.d., para. 5 - A Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Cornell University Natural Dye Use in the United States by Individuals, Communities, and Industries Kelsie Nicole Doty).

We are also seeing companies receive certification from GOTS which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard (which ensures that textiles are safe for the environment). 

We hear alot about buying second hand, circular fashion, resale, buying preloved…however we don’t hear enough praise about companies recycling materials and textiles to make current fashions. 

Am I right here?

I searched to find top Swimsuit brands in 2023 online and Vogue had released an article which did include several eco-swimwear companies. Here is a link to that Article:  26 Need-to-Know Swimsuit Brands to Shop Now by Alexis Bennett. The article wasn’t focused on sustainable eco-swimwear but did give some brands acknowledgment that are listed below such as Summersalt, Jade Swim, Mara Hoffman and Hunza Z.

So as you can see so much more is happening with eco-fashion with swimwear companies using co-sourced fabric and dyes, recycled materials and textiles to help move the dial in the right direction for our world.

We can all help do our part by buying from ethical sourced brands and also using the circular fashion model to better our world! 

Sometimes it’s just doing a bit of research that can make that one purchase you make truly make a real difference.


Top Sustainable Swimwear Brands in 2023


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