Summer Layers

I absolutely love to layer, even in the summer!  I will bring a lightweight sweater out for a lunch date or throw a jacket over my shoulders with my silk slip dress in the evening.

If it starts to warm up, I can always slowly un-layer (only if necessary, which surprisingly isn't often).


Just this week, I took my son to see two movies at the local theater and thank goodness I wore a sweater layered over a tank because it was freezing in there!  It can be downright cold at the movies! (I had remembered in the past that I had even packed a light blanket in a tote during the last movie outing.  Thank you past me!)


This time, I packed a cardigan for my son and, the moment we sat down, he grabbed it and said, “I’m glad you brought this. It’s freezing in here.”


As you can guess, I am  typically cold (as I am writing this, I have a sweatsuit on). Granted, the air is on and it has cooled off due to a set of rain showers that hit us earlier.


Now, you might be asking yourself, “What options do you have when adding summer layers?”


Let me tell you, there are so many amazing options!  Summer layers can up your style game and help create a more refined look.  Some of my favorite summer layering staples would definitely include… 


  • a lightweight cardigan
  • a summer wrap or shawl
  • a summer cashmere cardigan
  • a heavier cotton fisherman or striped open front cardigan
  • a long sleeve lightweight dress and a linen blazer (which, I believe, is an underrated garment that needs to be a staple.  A linen jacket is just perfect for summer nights!) 


I also would recommend keeping a lightweight cotton blanket packed away in your car (for those “just in case” moments… a.k.a. the freezing movie theater).


If you're getting ready to hit a summer party, go to a happy hour, or have a fun girls-night out, just remember


“At some point, you might step indoors, so grab and add a layering piece to your outfit!”


So stay prepared and fashionable all-in-one!




Here are Some of My Summer Layering Favorites;