Fall...ish Style

I am ready! 

Yes… I am always ready for fall.  I shop a lot during the summer for “mad deals” on oversize sweaters, cardigans (which are probably my favorite pieces I’m pining for this fall) along with denim, long sleeve dresses, coats and you guessed it… boots (of course).  

Now that August has hit and back to school is literally weeks away, I’ve been out shopping around a lot more.

I have been seeing the fallish wardrobe coming out of the woodwork. 


Granted, I am shopping for elevated staples at the end-of-summer sales right now because, believe it or not, we are going to be wearing tank tops and t-shirts right on into the fall. Yes, elevated staples were huge on the runway for fall.

 So, if you're out buying for your kids, remember to stock up on basics!

It’s a bit difficult to think of fall wear when the heat index is almost 100 degrees, but, in give or take 60 days, the leaves will start changing and “fall actually begins”. (Fun Fact: September 23rd is officially the first day of Fall.  Does that seem late to you?)

Due to back to school shopping on top of ads and articles that started in Mid-July on all things fall, it is hard to not want to start buying the Fall Trends of 2023 (or looking through your closet to see if you own most of them already)!

As always, it is important to stay true to your own personal style and that style typically relates and answers to your lifestyle.  So, as we take a look at the trends in 2023, I believe we see a very wearable reality.


So Without Further Adieu Here are Some of the Fall Trends For 2023;

  • Wearability  - Think Elevated Closet Staples & The Preppy Vibe that Feels a Bit Undone - Tanks, Trousers, Grey Hoodies, Oversize Striped Shirts, Oversize White Shirts, Oversize White Dresses, Leather Pieces & Oversize Jeans  
  • Power Dressing - Tailored Suiting, Pencil Skirts, Full Skirts  & Exaggerated Shoulders

  • The Minimalism of the 90’s - Clean Lines, White Strapless Dresses, Leather Jackets over a T-shirt with Low Waist Jeans or a Cigarette Trouser or Cargo Pant

    • The Color Red - Sweaters, Matching Sets, Handbags, Heels, Belts, Coats, Shirts and Trousers - Red is the Statement Color for Fall

    • Colors that Exude Luxury such as Light Whites, Tranquil Creams, Gentle Beiges & Soft Greys 

    • Florals - Let’s Call it Floral Goth - (Imagine Wednesday Adamms in Floral) Floral Rosette Accents & Printed Art on Dresses - Big & Bold Prints and Artful Designs

    • Sheer Sets and Dresses - It’s all about Transparency - Think Lingerie and Lounge

    • Statement Coats and Capes - Patterned Coats and Capes, Midi Parkas, Long Trench or Midi Black Open Front Coat or a Coat or Cape in a Bold Color

    • Brooches - Add these onto Tailored Suiting, Coats and Capes or even as a Hair Accessory 

    • Feminine Fabrics & Accents - Satin, Airy Sleeves, Log Sheer Tops, Embroidery, Delicate lacework, Shimmering metallics, Liquid Lamé, Sequins, Vertical Ruffles and Peplum Silhouettes 


    • Shoe Trends - Furry Mules or Slides - Think Birkenstocks or Gucci Fur Horsebit Slides - Kitten Heels 

    I have to admit I am extremely excited for Fall 2023.  It looks like this fashion season will help us all get excited for not only some cooler temperatures, but elevate our spirits with the colors and the comfortable wearable options that can easily take our style up a notch without putting so much thought into it.

    Get yourself a sheer long sleeve shirt and a fabulous undergarment, pair it with a nice trouser, and you’ll have a recipe for a fabulous night out.  Grab yourself a long sleeve midi dress and some kitten heels and throw on a tailored suit jacket or a leather jacket around your shoulders or, better yet, an amazing cape.

    Look for a bold statement coat or an amazing trench.  I do believe I have a couple ready to go to transition into fall and winter.  I am lucky I've kept several capes in my closet and own an amazing trench coat (my favorite ones being my Burberry Cape and Burberry Trench Coat and well a Vineyard Vines Cashmere Black Cape I picked up at a resale shop last summer for $40) so believe me when I say… I am ready to pull out all the stops.  

    I am also very excited to wear red for fall and that the muted tones are here to add the quiet elegance that whites, creams, beiges, blacks and grays can only do.

    Okay… I am ready for some Fallish Style…

    Are you?

    Shop your closets, shop resale shops, and online resale boutiques and find those great deals!

    Fall will be arriving soon…