Well…. It’s here.  Fashion Week is back and in full force.  So many attendees scrounged to find something they could wear based on the weather, being close to 80+ (or at least that is what TikTok was saying. HA… is that really true?)

This year, as I combed the web for anything I missed, I was able to search for photos a bit differently.  I have talked in one of my past Blogs about using Google Lens to search for items, and this year, I did the following to get the most out of the fashion show’s still shots. 

Quick Tip: Go to Google, and type in what you're looking to find (duh, right? But wait!) In my case I typed  “Fendi New York Fashion Week” and select Images.  Once you've done that, go back to Tools. You should see a bar appear that has dropdowns. Go to Time and Scroll to Last 24 hours, and Voila!  You have the most up to date images from around the globe. (Click here to see the results of this search.)

“Okay! Enough, enough!” I hear yah. Let’s get off the Google train and get back to fashion!

I have to say on this years Fashion Week: I enjoy the collections just as much as I enjoy seeing the attendees' fashions.  It’s always inspiring to see who unexpectedly shows up to the shows and of course how they show up. Some of my favorites from this past week were Janet Jackson, Kim Kardashian (I freaking LOVED her Look), Kate Moss (I actually have a sweatshirt that says Kate Moss and Pizza. I am a Mega Fan) and let’s not forget Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP Heels are a staple for me. What about you?). 


Okay, breathe. Let’s talk about all the crazy buzz at the Christian Siriano Show.  Just to start, the show was being held at a non-traditional location, Elizabeth Taylor’s former townhouse.  The gowns were absolutely beautiful and the red carpet looks just kept coming.  Many of the pieces were menswear inspired with a twist of femininity to help keep the balance. The collection was all about sexy jumpsuits (Yessss, Please), polka dots, big buttons and hats, sequins, cutouts and let’s not forget the feathers. The bridal pieces were absolutely incredible and showed an ethereal elegance that came through with how the fabric was exquisitely draped and gathered and ultimately how they fell.  OVERALL, SLAY for Christian Siriano.  All I want to know is who will be wearing the bright blue ballgown with the black sequin bodice to the Oscars? 


What could be next?  Oh so much more…


Fendi Time!


Let’s go to Hammerstein Ballroom in Midtown Manhattan for the Fendi show to join  “A Love Letter From New York,” shall we?


It was all about celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Baguette Bag.


Word on the street was that Techno music was pumped through the speakers (as is usual for Fendi) and it was a star studded lineup. The most exciting collab was Fendi teaming up with Marc Jacobs, Tiffany & Co. and Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP designed a bag for the anniversary).  


During the show the Baguette bag was placed delicately on everything, which included collars, hats, gloves, waistbands, worn as a leg warmer, and one uber mini Baguette bag as pockets. There were little pops of the Baguette Bag throughout the show and everywhere you looked. 


The clothing pieces were just as spectacular with slip dresses (my personal favorite), jackets with a utility edge, sequined dresses, color block sweaters and who can stop talking about Bella Hadid in the Sporty Aqua Jumpsuit (*Gasp*). You either loved it or didn't, and I LOVED it!


AND THEN IT HAPPENED! Marc Jacobs took over and several looks emerged that he had reinterpreted from Fendi’s most iconic pieces. Huge hats, an oversized neon green robe, feathers feathers and more feathers, funnel-neck sweaters and a Fendi logo tracksuit with the Baguette bag made into a kangaroo pocket. The fashion looks were happy, beautiful, sporty and above all FUN.


Linda Evangelista closed out the show in a stunning Tiffany Blue flowy ethereal cape gown.         


Overall, it was a fantastic show! 


Fendi coming together to partner with Marc Jacobs left the fashion world a bit more joyful this past week and hopefully makes us all think about how we can collaborate and create together!


Heck Yeah!


Well, we better try and get some rest (Yeah Right). So much more to come this week. I am looking forward to BatshevaVivienne Tam , Tory Burch, Adam Lippes and Brandon Maxwell.


Happy Viewing!


Rachel 💛



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