My Christmas Tree Fiasco & The New Swarovski Crystal Campaign

Okay… So I am one of those people that put their Christmas Tree up early, probably way too early.  It is November 7th and my tree is up and “decked out,” and of course the decorative Brooks Brothers pillows I picked up from Home Goods in October are fluffed and out as well.  


What can I say?  I love the holidays!

After the tree is done and the decorations are strung throughout the house, then I… do not get my Christmas shopping completed until… well let’s say I’m usually in a close tie with Santa.  


This year, like last year, I whipped out the 9ft Kenwood Fraser Fir Flocked Pre-Lit, LED, Artificial Christmas Tree with 1200 Warm White Micro Dot Lights and had my almost 70 year old mother hoist that baby up! 


It only took us 10 hours… to move furniture, pack up the hoarding mess behind the couch (that felt like too much and started overwhelming us in hour 2), dug out the 9, I repeat 9 strategically packed storage bins of Christmas decorations, lug those babies in and decorate. 



We decided that we would not have wine because we agreed it was a gateway drug to eating a tremendous amount of carbs and then caved in on hour 8 to pizza and no wine.  We immediately regretted not having the wine.  




I woke up sore and thought “Maybe this is the last year of me having to put this baby up without a man around to figure out how the A plugs into the B plug” and so on… yes, we got it right this year… I have previously not had the best luck. 



I recently heard that the Rockefeller Center tree has been selected, standing 82 feet tall, 50 feet wide and weighing in at 14 tons!  It is a 90 year old Norway Spruce.  It will be dazzling, I am sure of that, complete with the star made from 3 million Swarovski crystals, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind in 2018.


Swarovski is synonymous with crystals… not to mention home decor featuring glasses and tableware, picture frames, decorative accessories, characters, ornaments (I’m dying to put up about 25 of the festive small ornaments




I might still have some room on my tree. Hahaha!), and jewelry including watches, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches.  The family owned Austrian company was founded back in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski.  



Swarovski recently launched a new campaign with supermodel Bella Hadid.  The joyous bright portraits shot by fashion photographers Mert & Marcus under the creative direction of Giovanna Engelbert embrace a fresh look with the brand’s signature beauty of crystals on full display!  The campaign celebrates the brand’s codes of color and the shape of the octagon detailing the facets of the crystals which are meant to represent every side of one's spirited personality.  The vibrant portraits and lighthearted playfulness of the campaign capture refreshing new styles celebrating happiness and fashion in the most joyous way.  Using light and playful interpretations of the latest jewelry collection the looks are accessorized in fresh new combinations and styled with creativity and the inspiration that one “must have fun” and be playful with fashion.


Okay… I got a little carried away…


The point is, I am super excited to add some extra Swarovski crystal ornaments to my tree and see the holiday tree lighting extravaganzas this holiday season!  Thank God my decorating and tree lighting fiasco at home is over…

To watch the annual tree lighting ceremony, eager viewers (like me) can tune into “Christmas at Rockefeller Center” on Nov. 30, courtesy of NBC at 8 p.m. eastern.


Oh… and I’ve listed some of my personal favorites from Swarovski’s new campaign below:


Ortyx Cocktail ring Triangle Cut, Black, Rhodium Plated ($165)

Dextera Necklace Statement, Mixed Links, White, Rhodium Plated ($380)

Harmonia Cocktail Ring Oversized Crystal, White, Mixed Metal Finish ($250)

Tennis Deluxe Necklace Round Cut, White, Rhodium plated ($280)

Dextera Bangle Octagon Shape, Pavé, White, Gold-Tone Plated ($225)

Millenia Stud earrings Square Cut, Black, Ruthenium Plated ($95)

Dextera Hoop Earrings Octagon Shape, Pavé, Large, White, Gold-Tone Plated ($250)

Mesmera Cocktail ring Octagon Cut, White, Rhodium Plated ($165)

Harmonia Choker Oversized Floating Crystals, White, Mixed Metal Finish ($900)

Millenia Bracelet Square Cut, Gray, Ruthenium Plated ($330)