Is it getting colder where you live?

Don’t worry! If not, it will soon.

The weather is changing.  I know it will soon be only coat weather.  Right now, if I don’t feel like putting a coat on I will usually just grab a scarf while I am running out the door. 


I recently started rolling my scarfs for a creative approach to my usual wrapping of the scarf (as fast as I can) around my neck.  As I’ve started packing for a quick weekend getaway, I checked on the weather and saw a chilling 39 degrees.  


 I ended up throwing a couple different scarves in my suitcase (5 to be exact… I know, ridiculous).  What got me was the weight, dimensions and patterns of each scarf. 


I mean, I needed a heavy one, one with fringe, 2 shorter ones that were the same pattern but different colors (probably only needed one of them but WTH, right?  As long as the bag isn't over 50 lbs, I’m good) and one that basically can be used as a blanket.  


I have a cubicle of scarves that I fold (aka roll) so I can get as many as I can packed away. I also do this with my jeans (gives the illusion that I don’t own as many as I really do).  I did, however, notice that it was probably time for me to let some of these scarves go back into the world for someone else’s cubicle to store…  the problem is, which ones doI resale?

Having a closer look, I decided to go through the scarves and ask these three questions:


  1. Is it cashmere? If so, I am keeping it!
  2. Do I remember when I last wore it? If not, I need to resell it.
  3. Is the scarf trendy or classic? If it’s trendy, do I absolutely need it? Probably not…but maybe


I ended up getting rid of a few, and a few for me is considered progress!  Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of a lot of items at one time. 


I find it best to try to do a closet clean out every few months.  If you can get ahead of the seasons and send items in to sell right before the season hits, you have a better chance of making more when you resale.  However, it’s hard at times to let certain items go.  They might hold a sentimental value or they could be associated with a positive memory or correlate with a specific achievement or milestone in your life.  I usually would pick up a scarf when I would travel as a souvenir. I have ones from all over the world.  I have only recently begun to realize that the memory will stay even without the “scarf”.  I know it sounds trivial, but the reality is letting something go will open up new experiences and more abundance.


So, as you're trying to figure out what items you are ready to gently let go into the world for someone else to enjoy, just remember that releasing and clearing out your space and home brings in more: more space, more experiences and more prosperity.  


Okay… I think I’m ready to let more go… Are you?


Just for your pleasure, I have listed some of my favorite staple scarves and some new additions to fall fashion for 2022:

Saint Laurent - Square Checkerboard Bandana in Wool ($350) and the Large Square Leopard in Beige & Black Cashmere Etamine ($850)

Vince - Cashmere Oversize Scarf ($295)

Jacquemus - L'écharpe Fringe Scarf ($167) or L Echarpe Logo Wool Fringe Scarf ($205)

Alexander McQueen - Women's Cable Knit Skull Scarf in Black ($1240) or Women's Fair Isle Inspired Asymmetric Patch Scarf in Sun/black ($730) or Women's Storm Cloud Cashmere Scarf in Midnight Blue ($1370) or Reversible Skull-Print Wool Scarf ($245)

Johnstons of Elgin - Heritage Check Merino Scarf ($150) or Gingham Check Cashmere Scarf ($195) or Cashmere Scarf ($195) - This one is personalizable or Cashmere Tartan Fringe Scarf ($165)

Burberry - Exaggerated Check Cashmere Scarf ($660) or Check Cashmere Scarf ($620)

Brunello CucinelliWinter Flower Intarsia Knit Scarf in Fleecy Cashmere ($2595)


💛 Rachel