Hoodie Love
I was recently on a work call.  It was a relaxed work call.  I mean… I was told it was relaxed.  
Add a leather jacket over your favorite hoodie

 So… I pulled out my barely black vintage oversized Nike Hoodie.  


golden jacket,  gloves and black hoodie

 I found myself apologizing to those on the Zoom call for wearing a hoodie: All fashionable women working in fashion. 

One responded… “Don’t apologize. You are just being your authentic self!” 

Well, she was right!  I love my collection of hoodie’s.  I love my vintage hoodie’s and, well, a nice cashmere hoodie never did me wrong either.

Hoodie with Leather pants and a light weight jacket


There are different ways to elevate your favorite hoodie and give it that high-end look… not that you need my advice.  I tell you, everyone has a way they like to wear and accessorize their fashion finds.

But just in case you’re needing some suggestions, my advice is pretty simple… just pair it with upscale and stylish fashion pieces! For example…

  • Tailored Trousers: Choose a pair of well-fitted, high-quality trousers in a classic color. I suggest a taupe, black, gray, or navy. These can instantly elevate the casual vibe of a hoodie. You can also try a patterned trouser.  

  • Leather Jacket: Layer your hoodie with a leather jacket. This combination adds a touch of luxury and an edgy feel to your outfit.  Don’t be afraid of a vintage leather jacket. It adds some character and usually comes with a story of how you came across the cool jacket find.

  • Designer Sneakers: Invest in a pair of designer sneakers. High-end sneakers can make a statement and complement the casual aesthetic of a hoodie. All I can say is… Adidas Samba OG Sneakers.

  • Accessories: Add high-end accessories like a luxury watch, a leather belt, or designer sunglasses. These details may seem small but will instantly elevate your look.

  • Structured Handbag: Carry a stylish and well-made designer bag. A high-quality bag can give your outfit a more polished structured appearance.

  • Layer with a Coat: Top your hoodie with a tailored coat, such as a wool overcoat or an oversize trench coat. This adds sophistication to your ensemble.  Don’t be afraid to add color and pattern.

  • Tailored Shirt: Layer a crisp, button-up shirt under your hoodie. Leave the shirt collar and cuffs exposed for a sophisticated touch.  I would recommend a striped Brooks Brothers button up shirt.

  • Monochromatic Look:  Try a  monochromatic outfit by pairing your hoodie with matching pants or a skirt in the same color. This creates a sleek and high-end appearance.  I love a black hoodie with black leather pants (yes, I am addicted to secondhand leather pants) or a leather midi skirt.

  • Luxurious Scarf: Add a designer scarf to your hoodie for a touch of elegance. Cashmere or silk scarves work well for this purpose. I love to add any scarf from Alexander McQueen.   

  • Statement Jewelry: Incorporate high-end statement jewelry, like a gold necklace or chunky bracelets, to draw attention to your outfit and add to your style.

Gray Hoodie with Sleek Trench Coat and Designer Sneakers

The key to creating a high-end look is in the quality of the pieces and the attention to detail.  Mixing high and low pieces can also create an interesting contrast and elevate your style.  The goal is to create a harmonious outfit that balances the casual comfort of a hoodie with the sophistication of high-end style.


I am talking about finding the perfect balance between laid-back and luxury fashion.


Let’s find it together!  Grab your favorite hoodie and GO FOR IT!

💛 Rachel 

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 Black Hoodie with Leather Jacket, Sunglasses and Combat Boots