Do you like to mix it up?  I’m talking about mixing your silver jewelry in with your golds, rose golds, or even mixing your pearls and beads in with your metals.  If not, you're missing out and I am here to tell you that anything goes with layering your jewelry pieces and metals. Yes, anything!

I love to layer my bracelets and at times I think wait… is that too many?  Heck NO!

I am pretty obsessed with Alexis Nido-Russo. If you're not following her on TikTok, I would suggest it.  She  made it big by predicting jewelry trends.  (She also owns Local Electric.) 


I enjoy her eclectic style and the way she puts her metals and stones together (her jewelry is extremely affordable too).

 When it comes to mixing rose gold, silver, and gold in fashion, there are a few things to keep in mind (I say that very loosely). 


One of the easiest ways to incorporate mixed metals is to start with a neutral palette. Wearing neutral colors like black, white, gray, or beige will help both the rose gold, silver, and gold stand out.


Granted, I don’t necessarily follow this rule. I prefer an edgier look and like layering way too much!


On to the next rule of thumb, my friends! It's important to find a balance between the three metal tones.  You can do this by wearing a mix of different pieces of jewelry at the same time.  (I always start with necklaces.)  Pick a gold dainty chain and add a silver one (or two).  Pair that with some stud earrings that have a hint of silver or gold or a rose gold bracelet with a silver watch (on the same wrist).  Believe me, it works!


My personal favorite is layering different bracelets in gold and silver and then adding a beaded bracelet. That will really throw off the balance.  (It also looks cool and unexpected, which hints chic.)  I also enjoy layering my Hermès gold and silver toned bracelets together by keeping a common color to pull the look together.


You can also pull the old CartierTrinity Ring Look” and layer three rings in rose gold, silver, and gold.  Better yet, you can purchase one!  (A girls gotta dream, right?)  Let me talk you into it.  This is a timeless piece, much like a Tank Must Watch (which was one of my first purchases when I started collecting watches).  You can easily grab your trinity ring and wear it dressed up or down.  I am, personally, in love with the Trinity Ring Classic with diamonds (go figure) and the Tank Louis Cartier watch.  (I want this NOW!)  I mean, both would be nice… right?  Not just nice, but absolutely fantastic!


Another handy hint is to choose pieces with similar styles and textures.  This will make the look more cohesive and put-together.  Be sure you don't forget about accessories, though!  They're a fantastic way to mix rose gold, silver, and gold.  For example, you could wear a rose gold scarf (I actually own one of these) with silver earrings, or a pair of silver boots (Yes, I rock these too…they were a great purchase) with a mix of rose gold and silver on your wrists, with two dainty necklaces (one in gold and one in silver) and voilà… the layering fashion queen is born.  Throw on a turquoise silver ring and, gasp… it’s an even more elevated layering look! 


So, there you have it!  Just pile it on!  I mean, come on.  Jewelry is supposed to be fun!  


Whether you just put one piece on or add bracelet after bracelet (which is one of my loves), just remember… mixing metals works!


As an added bonus…here are some of my favorite jewelry brands:




Tiffany & Co.

Jennifer Meyer


Harry Winston




David Yurman 


Roberto Coin

Van Cleef & Arpels 

Stephen Dweck

Stevie Wren

Elizabeth Locke


Bryan Anthonys 

Sydney Evans

Fernando George



Zoe Lev Jewelry

Maria Tash

Local Electric