Camouflage - Let’s Make It a Staple!

I know you have at least one piece of camouflage in your wardrobe, right?


If you do, great!  If not, I am going to give you some options you might not have considered.

I would say I have a few too many camouflage pieces in my wardrobe… but… maybe not?


Just off the top of my head, I know I have at least 3 pairs of camo pants, a camouflage handkerchief, 2 camo jackets, a camouflage dickey, and… well… I actually own a camo dress.  Shocking, but not so shocking if you knew I really love pattern and border my fashion sense with being as creative (and a bit edgy) as possible. I would even venture to say that I have added camo and floral print in the same outfit (don’t worry, the color scheme really made it work).  


You might be asking yourself “Is camo even trending?” “Is it just something I can wear to add a pattern?”  “If I wear camouflage, do I still have an edge with my fashion?” or “Will I be considered stylish in it?”  



Is the camouflage pattern considered neutral?  


Wait for it….




Yes, it actually is!  The earthy hues, even done in more golden or blush tones, make it a neutral pattern.  So, now that we have gotten that out of the way, you might feel more comfortable wearing camouflage or picking up a few camouflage accessories and items to add to your wardrobe. I think that having a camouflage piece or two (or three or four) is a good investment… if… okay, there is an ‘IF”....



You select pieces that you can mix-and-match, that are made with quality fabric, and have a fantastic fit.  I also believe having a shoe with a bit of camouflage could be really fun, and so could an amazing camouflage clutch, handbag, or even a camo belt or scarf.  These are all ways to incorporate just a hint of camo into your everyday look.




I would say a pair of Proenza Schouler Straight Leg Camouflage Pants would be a good camouflage investment piece.  If you still own the Classic Dickey Veronica Beard Blazer, or are getting ready to purchase one, you can pair it with the Veronica Beard nylon camouflage print dickey for a really great classic pop of camo as an option.  I love a camouflage scarf…this one from BEGG & CO. (even though it’s mens - I’d wear it) is fantastic. 


I am currently eyeing this vintage Vivenne Westwood camo handkerchief.   I mean… I was thinking about throwing on a denim shirt or even a black long sleeve t-shirt and throwing this handkerchief on.  So chic, fun and surprisingly fashionable!



To be honest, there are so many ways to wear camouflage and have it be a piece that you can circulate throughout your wardrobe. 



So, the next time you're out looking online for some amazing camouflage pieces or happen to roam into a consignment boutique or local thrift shop, keep an eye out for camouflage pieces!


You might just surprise yourself how quickly the pattern can become a neutral standard in your closet!




Camouflage Items on Style and Give 




Some of My Favorite Camouflage Resale Items are Listed Below:


Saint Laurent Camouflage Utility Jacket - A Staple Piece that is amazing over a white t-shirt. 

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Pants - I love the leather detail at the sides of these pants!

KLEINBERG Calf Hair Camouflage Belt - I love this camouflage belt for a pattern with a monochrome all khaki, black, or white look!

Canada Goose Kitsilano Rain Jacket Black Label Camouflage Print Coat - The perfect raincoat with the light color of camouflage print.

Retrofête Camouflage Pants - I adore the sequin design and waistband on these pants.

Veronica Beard Performance Camouflage Jacket - I love the zipper and ties at the front. 

Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh Camouflage Pant - I love the orange camo print! 

FRANCO FERRARI Camouflage Print Scarf - I love the bright yellow lace accents against the camo print.

Alice + Olivia Camouflage Pant - A classic camo pant. 

VERONICA BEARD Nylon Camouflage Print Dickey - I actually own this piece and it looks amazing inserted into my Classic Dickey Veronica Beard Blazer!!

Proenza Schouler Straight Leg Camouflage Pants - I love the way you can cinch at the ankles.

L'AGENCE Camouflage Print Blazer - I adore that the camouflage print is in a blush hue.

SPRWMN Suede Camouflage Skinny Leg Pants - Got to love suede! 

RE/DONE Camouflage Print Jacket - I love that this jacket is cropped.