Human Connection, Happiness & Giving!

Human Connection, Happiness & Giving!


I recently watched “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me” on Apple TV+  (it came out on November 5th).  It is a documentary about Selena’s life, work, health, celebritism and philanthropy.  The documentary was directed by Alex Keshishian, who directed the critically acclaimed “Madonna: Truth or Dare '' documentary in 1991.  Overall, the importance of destigmatizing mental health in all sectors was a dominant and potent message for anyone and everyone that viewed this documentary. Audiences were seeing the raw deconstruction of the celebrity image and the choices one must make to become who they want to be.  In this case, Selena lands on what she believes is her soul's purpose and focuses on how critical human connection is. The importance of giving back is a major piece that decides who one becomes and who one is within.

Selena has pledged to raise over 100 million dollars with the Rare Impact Fund, which aims to increase mental health services in educational settings. Selena’s Rare Beauty line was launched in 2020 and the brand donates 1% of each sale to the Rare Impact Fund and raises additional funds with philanthropic foundations, corporate partners, and individuals in the community to increase access to mental health services in educational settings. The Rare Impact Fund additionally aims to “tackle the epidemic of chronic loneliness” which is something that ties into her views on maintaining positive human connections and the importance of being valued, seen and heard.  These social connections can lead to many more benefits such as boosting mood, reducing stress and improving self-esteem. 

 It’s time to book a night out with some friends, am I right?

I believe that living your purpose is one of the most important themes in society we don’t discuss enough. Obviously, we work to earn a living and maintain a livelihood, but when one is driven by passion in a direction, it can certainly feel much more fulfilling to go to work.  I recently was on Reddit and read a post from a woman who had said that, when she buys a luxury handbag, it is always with the intent to sell it once she is done using it to raise funds for the animal charity she supports.  It was a gleaming example of how, in the act of buying something luxurious, there was an end result of positively affecting the greater good of society.  I can only hope that more celebrities, influencers, athletics, philanthropists and individuals start realizing, as Selena did, that human connection, purpose and charity is the new standard for personal happiness.