Authentic Style

In all the self-help books I’ve read and personal coaching sessions I have been so graciously able to pay for (thank you, Universe), I have consistently heard the phrase…


“Be your authentic self.”


This is something that seems pretty obvious, right?  I mean, how hard is it to be your true authentic self? 

 Woman with blue, orange and white Chanel leather bag and sheepskin jacket


Well… at times, it can be really difficult.  Especially if your self esteem has taken a hit, or if you're dealing with grief, or if you’re experiencing anything on the list of things that can contribute to hiding within and holding on to a limiting belief system that enables us to be ourselves.


Dear lord, that was a long sentence…


Believe me when I say that my self esteem has taken hits.  There have been times I was so exhausted from fighting myself that I was wondering when I would be able to get myself close to anything that resembled authentic.


I do know that the way I dress and creating my own personal style has helped me climb out of the gutter one too many times… and for that I am grateful.


I believe being able to be your true authentic self and finding your authentic style in the world of fashion is important, and here's why:


Self Expression: When you dress authentically, it's like shouting to the world, "This is me!"  You get to express your unique personality, your values, and what gets you excited, all through your choice of clothes.

Gucci Lace Gloves with Mini Dress

Confidence: Wearing outfits that resonate with your true self gives you a confidence boost.  You feel good, and it shows in how you carry yourself.  Don’t believe me? Try it!


Comfort: Comfort isn't just about physical ease.  It's about feeling emotionally comfortable too. When your clothes match your personal vibe, you're at ease in your own skin.

Yellow Boots with Blue Patterned Skirt and Jacket


Identity: What you wear can be a big part of your identity.  Your clothing choices can shape how you see yourself and how others perceive you.


Happiness: Staying true to your style can bring a lot of joy and happiness.  It's about feeling incredible in your own skin and your outfits.


Yellow Sweater with White Layered Shirt and Plaid Pants with Purse Belt


Creativity: Embracing your authentic style often involves a creative process.  It's like creating art every day with clothes!


Inspiration: Your unique style can be inspiring.  When others see you shining as your authentic self, it can encourage them to do the same.


Fur Coat with Mui Mui White handbag and White Pumps - Trench Coat with Lavender Dress and Silver Boots


Breaking Stereotypes: It's a step toward breaking fashion stereotypes and norms. It's all about making fashion a more diverse and inclusive playground.


Connecting Souls: Your style can help you connect with others who share your energy, fashion passions and values.


Dressing authentically is a way of asserting our individuality and promoting diversity in the fashion industry and society as a whole. It empowers us to be true to ourselves and we can encourage others to do the same.  This contributes to a more inclusive and accepting world of fashion and, in return, helps us all connect. 


Let’s all embrace one another and strive to find our authentic style and shine as our authentic selves!


💛 Rachel