Help Your Favorite Animal Charity


Everybody loves animals, right?!  The world wouldn’t be the beautiful place it is without all the critters, big and small, sharing it with us.  We are blessed to have sooo many people and charities around the world that fight to keep them all safe and healthy. 



With that said, our love for our pets is elevated to an even higher level.  Pets are family!

We couldn’t imagine life without them!  They give us compassion, connection, affection, strength, and unconditional love.  A new pet for many gives hope and lessens the sense of loneliness.  Pets can also reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  They encourage exercise and can even improve cardiovascular health.

We look forward to connecting with the pet charity that you are passionate about.  We would love to add that charity to our list and start raising funds to help pets find the care they need and the home they deserve.


Just ship your items to us, pick your charity and let us get your preloved items to their new home.



If you have any further questions, please contact us.  We are always here to help!


💛 Rachel