Art Dictates Fashion

When we think of putting an outfit together it is much like a work of art or designing of a space. Your thinking of colors, patterns, the mixing of metals, texture, theme and cohesiveness. You are putting something creative together. Something that makes you feel something.


Such as looking at works of art or the comfort in a room's color, light or manageability of space. I highly enjoy a trip to the art museum and am open to all walks of art and design. You might be surprised to learn that there are eight different forms of art; painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, cinema, and theater.


So really we are in a way forming our fashion sense through the art we prefer.


I’d say I go through fashion phases.  I have never let my love for leather pants go, or my addiction to RE/DONE jeans, or matching sets fade into the distance… and I will say (hesitantly) that I will always have an acid wash pair of jeans in my collection (these Retrofête ones are fantastic) ….but, I have had fashion phases. 



Phases when all I wanted to wear was black (leggings were easy get on and elevate), a phase when all I would put on my feet were SK8-Hi top vans (now my son is so addicted to the Vans classic slip ons…it might soon be becoming a problem).  Phases when the only hoodie’s I would even consider were from American Apparel and the only underwear for purchase I would swear by was Hanky Panky thongs


I know go ahead….laugh out loud…NOW.


Today, I would say the perfect outfit for me really depends on the atmosphere and mood of where I am going.  This is when the eight different forms of art come into play. How am I envisioning the fashion I wear to the places I visit? Am I going classical or edgier? 




Do I want to wear a structured piece or something more avant garde?  Do I have a photograph in my mind of what I want to recreate? Do I imagine what music might be played at this event or diner…how does that make me feel about what I will wear and exude?


Am I mixing colors or metals or do I prefer a blank black or white canvas?  Is this outing indoor or outdoor…do they have heat lamps (if it’s outdoors); if it's inside.. am I climbing stairs or is this an elevator situation? 


I could keep going…on and on.. but you get my point.


These forms of art dictate our fashion.


It actually makes me feel much better about not making a fashion mistake because when one creates art there are no “real” mistakes. The luxury in creating is that we decide the art we want to display. So display your art and create your own masterpiece. 


No limits on art ….means no limits on fashion! 

💛 Rachel