Shop & Share Your Pre-loved Items

 I am a shopper that loves a deal. I also have been told I have good taste.  I have been told a lot of things but I do enjoy a good compliment and one that is true.  

Are you with me? 

So when did I start shopping for pre-loved items? 

It started in college…what a decade ago…well over 2 decades ago. 

The truth is the truth.  


 I was surrounded by all types of cool styles and really began seeing how you can mix and match amazing pieces to create looks.  We were repurposing our closets throughout college. We never talked about what it was but that is what it was.  



 I specifically remember an incident where one of my sorority sisters wore a shirt out of my closet without my knowledge, burned a cigarette hole in it (by total accident..I’m sure) and then hung it back in my closet (like nothing happened).  I didn't know she borrowed it until the pictures circulated around campus with her in my light baby blue theory top and amazing ASU tan!  The tags were off of it…so I knew!  We were young and we wanted to have something new…we didn’t call our parents for money for clothes - we called our parents for anything but that!  We borrowed, negotiated trades and in a few cases sneaked a top out of our roommate's closet only to put it back hours later.


 So….why is it such a big deal buying a Pre-loved item now? To me it is not.  I find so many incredible  pre-loved items with no visible signs of wear and others that look better than items I’ve had in my closet for years.  



I would encourage you to look around or even re-circulate items among friends.  This past weekend I went over to one of my very best friends' houses to bring over some dresses and jumpsuits for her to look through as a possible birthday look. 


 I had an absolutely great time looking through my closets to find things she might like to wear.  We had planned a shopping day but then I thought…I have so much you might like - let’s try this first! You’d be amazed at what you will find when you are open to shopping out of someone else's closet.  You’d be amazed at the joy it brings to share your clothes with friends for special occasions or even a dinner out. Call it whatever you want…but Pre-loved items are the new “it items” in my eyes.