Let's Fall into Fall!

Much of this Fall’s trends combine some of my most favorite looks…Let’s Fall into Fall…Shall we!  

The cozy coat for one…we all have one and if you don’t they won’t be too hard to find.   Once you buy one you will keep it (or you resale it for another and another).  The amazing “robe coat”… is oversized and warm….fluffy and apparent.  Throw it over a casual jogging set with some slouchy boots or wear it over a long black dress with heels.  This coat will be one piece you will want (if you haven’t already been collecting them).  

Moving on…Let’s talk about the pop of outrageous color that continues from Spring and Summer into Fall…Personally, I love a loud yellow but bright orange, pinks and greens will be showing up through jackets, handbags, scarfs, pants and all your favorite accessories. Yes, all highlighter colors are in this fall….you might want to keep one handy in your handbag!  No holding back the Brightness…and we can all use some brightness in our lives….are you with me?

Riding right on into fall we will also see the English countryside weekend wear return (if it ever really left) with single-breasted jackets, muted tweeds and plaids, slim trousers and of course one of my favorite staples…a pair… or two… or three….of riding boots.  The sophisticated horse lover (ME) will be ready to fall in love with this trend…the trend I never stopped wearing…HAHAHA.

Last, but not last in my book, is my ultimate favorite trend this fall….the all black look.  Head to toe black is IN and COMING OUT STRONG for Fall 2022.  Get out your black suits, shirts, skirts, boots, sweaters, coats, jackets, hats and BOMBER JACKETS…yes, I just said bomber jackets.  Those are back in too…and be prepared to ONLY dress yourself in all black to try out this trend…granted I am sure this “can’t be” a trend… wearing all black is a staple in my wardrobe!

So… we have covered some of Fall 2022 must haves and must want trends.  Look deep in your closet(s)…you can recreate ANY and all of these looks.  If you're missing one or two items to nail your fall look… check out our site.   

Your style is yours alone.  Be bold and wear outfits that make YOU feel good!

Happy Fall and Happy Shopping at Style and Give!!!