Get Your Vest On!

This past weekend I went into my coat closet to grab a coat and realized that one full side of the closet was solely dedicated to vests.

Shocking, right? Not if you know me…. 

It seems that when I go out shopping and run into a vest, I immediately think of how I could add it to my vest collection, what I could wear it with and how the heck do I style it. 


Run into a vest…are you kidding me? I’m talking like these vests are people I am running into. And I mean, who puts vests in their coat closet…. or run into a vest?

Someone that might collect things: ME!

So my collection of vests has grown significantly as the weather changes. As I pull out my heavier knits along with my sweatsuits, I am going to make more of an effort to incorporate vests more in my wardrobe.

If you're like me and have vests in your closet that you're not quite sure what to do with, keep reading, because this blog is about getting those vests out and actually putting them on.

So, as I look down the right side of my coat closet, I see leather vests, sherpa vests, fur vests, wool vests, faux fur vests, denim vests, a pretty cool gray vest with a boxy fit, a army green utility vest and a camouflage vest that my dad recently dropped off. My dad actually said, “You don’t have one like this.” and for the first time in a long time (probably), he was right!


 What type of vest am I missing? Oh I will tell you, because I have been on the Moncler website recently trying to track down a down filled black puffer vest.  I’m not talking about a really big puffer, just one that will be way out of my budget and involve me making a trip to the mountains… Hahahaha!


Hit purchase now, right? 


Ok, without further adieu…


Here are some ways to wear a vest you might have hanging in your closet:


  • Don’t be afraid of a cropped vest!  If it is tighter like this one from Free People X Anna Sui Stargaze, wear it with jeans.
  • If you have a puffer vest, don’t be afraid to wear tighter fitting pieces to give your silhouette a hug!
  • Denim vests go really well with Denim - Do Denim on Denim.
  • Wear all Denim and a Faux Fur/Fur Vest. 
  • Leather Vests can
    add texture to an outfit - So if you have on a gray hooded jogging set don't be afraid to grab a leather vest to throw on to give you a more elevated sweatsuit look!
  • Belt your vest - If you have a bit of length to your vest, you can belt it.
  • Don’t be afraid of a vest with some color!
  • Wear all black with a black vest.
  • Layer your vest over plaid patterns
  • Wear your vest with a dress or jumpsuit. 
  • Wear your vest with a skirt!
  • Wear your vest with a turtleneck or cowl sweater. 
  • I’ve seen stylists wear 2 vests if they aren’t puffy - interesting right?
  • You can put a light jacket under your vest - Example: A light weight camo or army green jacket with a black vest
  • Wear your vest with a white t-shirt and leather pants


And for those of you that want to run into a new vest and/or need a new vest, these are some options that are available that I love!


I have linked several vests on our site you might want to check out too.


Moncler - My favorites are the Kart Down Vest, the Achard Reversible Down Vest and the Eau Down Vest.



- These are my two favorite vests: the Sherpa Vest and the
Packable Puffer.


Patagonia - Hemp Canvas Vest and Patagonia has a Worn Wear (which is their pre owned section) - I’m loving this Preloved Down Puffer Vest!

The North Face - The North Face Packable 1996 Retro Nuptse Vest.

A.L.C - Sutton Vest.

Annie Bing - Kane Vest.


Free People - Here are some vests from Free People I love:

Some of my favorites on Neiman Marcus: