About Style and Give


I am someone who can spend all day working with luxury fashion, enjoying every minute.  I am also someone who cringes when I need to talk about myself.  However, I do love sharing the “Why?” behind Style and Give and how it found a place in this crazy digital world.  I am so grateful and so humbled you are here reading this story!


Since we are all friends here, I want to start by sharing a little bit of background on me and how Style and Give came to be!


I've spent a lot of my time living and working in the luxury industry.  It has been wonderful, but I’ve had some rough times in my life (as we all probably have).  During those times, I needed to resell jewelry, clothes, and handbags to make ends meet.  I learned a lot about the resell industry all while trying to win some personal battles. 


I also learned a lot about myself and giving back.  I spent many hours in meditation and learned that my purpose in this life is to do two things I dearly love… Style and Give!


Ultimately, it was a series of synchronicities that led me to start this business, surrendering to the past to cultivate my future.


Style and Give exists to raise money for non profits through fashion.  As I stated in our vision, we envision a world where high end items don't languish, unused in closets - they are put to supporting our communities.

We want you to be a part of our community, working together to change the way fashion and charity work together. 


Let’s work together to make a positive impactful change!