Style and Give’s Weekly Podcast - WE ARE LIVE!
If you haven’t had a chance to start listening to Style and Give’s Weekly Podcast, then you should start!!

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I mean, I am definitely biased…. but why not!? 


You can check us out (Rachel Kimball and Tera Coughlin) and listen to our fashion lifestyle podcast while you're out driving around or when you might just need a little inspiration… and we all need a little bit of that, right? 


Just two friends in the fashion industry discussing what we love.


Tera Coughlin and I will be covering a plethora of fashion topics, award show fashions, lifestyle goals and dreams, and, well, just about anything that is on our mind that we think listeners would want to hear about.


Our fashion knowledge and insight on life will be laid out on the table every week.  We are not holding back.  


As we say on our podcast, we are here to talk about the latest fashion ideas and news, style updates, life's challenges, life’s wins, our giving hearts, with a whole lot of laughter and, of course, plenty of positive vibes.

Our goal for the podcast is to speak about topics that will open your mind to new ways of thinking about style and fashion, help re-generate your creativity, encourage you to call your friends and get together, and ultimately add a little more happiness into your day!


I know you're ready to start listening!


Join us for fashion talk, life as we know it, hilarious commentating and, of course, a high dose of positivity.


In the end, we are all one, we all have a story and we're all just looking to connect.


So, let’s connect!


💛 Rachel & Tera


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