Home is where growth happens and families can be together and grow through their memories

So I have to tell you… I’ve gotten hooked on a

new show on Apple TV and, if you don’t know anything about "Home" on Apple TV, let me give you a bit of insight. 

“Home” is a captivating docu-series that delves deep into the world of innovative and inspiring homes across the globe. "Home" on Apple TV isn't your average house tour — it's a journey into the world of mind-blowing homes that redefine what living spaces can be. I love it, not just because of the incredible architects behind the homes they build, but what some of these architects are doing and giving back to their communities and communities around the world.

You really won’t believe what these architects have achieved. It is so moving!

Each episode focuses on distinct homeowners, architects, and designers who have created exceptional living spaces that push the boundaries of creativity and functionality.  

Picture this: jaw-dropping designs, cultures coming to life, and stories that give each home its soul.

I know you want to stop reading this and start watching now… but wait… here’s where it “gets good!”

When you hit play on "Home," get ready for a visual treat! This show doesn't just showcase fancy houses — it unpacks the stories behind these architectural wonders. It's like embarking on a global adventure, exploring the most creative and unique homes from your living room.

But here's the real magic: "Home" isn't just about walls and roofs. It's about the visionaries behind these spaces — the architects, homeowners, and designers who pour their hearts into creating these extraordinary places. Each episode unveils their passion, creativity, and the personal stories woven into these homes. These spaces aren't just structures; they're reflections of dreams, cultures, and the incredible diversity of human expression.

And that's why "Home" hits you right in the feels. It's not just a show about architecture; it's a celebration of human ingenuity and the beautiful stories that make our homes so much more than just four walls and a roof. Trust me, it's more than binge-worthy — it is an emotional rollercoaster celebrating imagination and individuality in every episode.

Have I caught your attention yet?

If not… here is where it really really “gets good.”

Tropical home with pool in nature
Bamboo is a wonderful source of inspiration and can be used and grown quickly for a more sustainable home choice.

In one of my favorite episodes of “Home,” they focus

 on how New Story is building 50 3D printed homes in Tabasco, Mexico to gift to 50 struggling families.

Believe me when I say, this episode will have you in tears from the impact that New Story is making around the world.

New Story is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and sustainable housing for families living in impoverished and underserved communities around the world. New Story was co-founded by Brett Hagler, Alexandria Lafci, Matthew Marshall, and Mike Arrieta. Brett Hagler, the CEO of New Story, was instrumental in founding the organization. The idea for New Story stemmed from a desire to address the global housing crisis after Hagler met a young girl named Tifani while on a volunteer trip in Haiti.

During his visit, he witnessed firsthand the devastating living conditions in a post-earthquake Haiti, which sparked a deep conviction to create sustainable solutions for homelessness and inadequate housing. 

One of the standout aspects of New Story is its emphasis on utilizing technology, particularly 3D-printing, to construct homes quickly and affordably. New Story collaborates with partners, such as construction technology companies like ICON, to pioneer the creation of 3D-printed homes, aiming to make housing more accessible and resilient in areas facing severe housing shortages or in the aftermath of natural disasters.  Transparency is a key pillar of New Story's operations. They showcase their impact by sharing detailed information about the families they assist, the communities they work in, and the homes they build. 

Additionally, New Story involves the local community in the home-building process, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among residents. Through partnerships, donor contributions, and community engagement, This amazing non-profit strives to create lasting change by providing safe shelter, improving living conditions, and ultimately contributing to the overall well-being and stability of the families they serve.

Yes, it was such a beautiful story…. a new story… one that I had not heard and one that I do believe the world needs to hear.

This team is out changing the lives of many families around the world.

We have some many people out there contributing to sustainable change. It’s so beautiful to watch… especially during the holidays!

We need more of that!

If you start “Home” you will want to watch every episode… believe me (2 seasons are out now)!

I love it!



If you're interested in donating to New Story directly please go to https://www.newstoryhomes.org

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