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Ever noticed how much our clothing choices matter in relationships

Like, you might find yourself picking out a specific outfit for a date or making sure you look sharp when meeting someone new. 

Turns out, there's more to it than just clothes!

For starters, think of it as showing off your best self. We use clothing to say something about who we are or how we want others to see us. It's like a first impression thing — dressing up to look professional or keeping it casual to seem chill and friendly.

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And let's be real, feeling good in what you wear can really amp up your confidence, right? When you're confident, you're more likely to put your best foot forward, especially when you're trying to catch someone's eye or keep their interest in a relationship.

Plus, there are these unwritten rules about what's 'normal' to wear in different situations. Think of it as fitting in with the crowd or feeling comfy in social settings, like getting dolled up for a date or looking sharp at a party.

Oh, and here's a fun one — sometimes, what you wear can signal shared interests or even show off a bit of your style.

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It's like silently saying, "Hey, we might have something in common!"


Long story short, while we might not always think about it, our clothing plays a pretty big role in relationships. It's all about feeling good, making a good impression, and maybe even showing off a bit of our personality along the way!

Ever wondered why women sometimes dress to the nines when it seems like they're just hanging out with other women? 

Is this me? Well, I can say…yes (at times)!

It's like there's this whole secret fashion language between us, right? 

Turns out, there are some cool reasons behind it!

First off, think of it as a way to get the nod from your girlfriends. You know, that "Wow, you look amazing!" kind of moment. Women often dress to catch each other's eyes, seeking that stamp of approval or just to fit in with the gang. Then there's the whole fashion vibe. It's like having a style role model among your friends. 

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You might see someone's outfit and think, "Whoa, that's cool—I want to try that!" It's a bit of a fashion inspiration exchange happening all the time.  But let's not forget a bit of healthy competition! Sometimes, women are trying to stand out in the group or just to nail that "best-dressed" tag.

Dressing up is also a way for us to bond, and in a world where some feel isolated, we need social bonding as much as self-care.

Compliments about outfits often kickstart conversations and bring women closer. It's like an unspoken way of saying, “Hey, I appreciate your style!

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Ultimately, whether it's for confidence, seeking a thumbs-up, sharing fashion trends, or just enjoying the style game, dressing up for other women is like having a little fashion show among friends—a fun, stylish bonding experience!

I think I am onto something!

So we can say that we do dress for our relationships…

Mmmm…who am I meeting this week?

Time for me to check out thredUP and The Real Real to stock up for all the upcoming parties!

Am I right? Of course, I am.


💛 Rachel 

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