The Desire.

We all have a desire for something… I won’t even begin to go into detail… Right? 

“Spare us Rachel… Please!” 

But really, the desire for just a quick vacation, a new lipstick, a car that might drive a bit better, a new job, additional funds, or maybe just a relationship… or maybe not.

Maybe just maybe it’s a really fantastic movie you're waiting to see or an amazing new book you just heard about that you just haven't had the time to order.

Maybe it’s a conversation you're waiting to have to just catch up with a friend that you just haven’t had time to schedule. It could be that ten minutes you don’t think you have to call that friend or make that appointment you've been waiting to make.

Maybe it is simply taking a whole day for yourself (or maybe two… or three…).

We all have a sense of desire for what we feel we need to achieve or accomplish.  We prioritize our days with our families needs, our work, and that check list that needs to be completed by the end of the day.


That list most likely doesn’t have you booking some time for yourself to regroup, recharge or reset.  I recently was on the phone with a life coach I speak to monthly who gave me a specific prescription to follow for a week.  She said “You need to take some time this week to do the “re” words.”


She then went on to list: review, reset, reconnect, refocus, regenerate, refresh, reboot, recoup, reorganize… and then you need to REST.




Well, I have too much to do (I thought)… taking 2 full days off just wasn’t gonna work.  But I was exhausted, I have to admit. I wasn’t feeling well rested. I had eczema around my eyes (which was driving me crazy) and I was feeling a bit weak, so what I desired was to get to a certain stopping point (one that I had in my head) and then and only then would I stop… but the better question was “Would I stop once I got to that point?”


And then this happened…


I of course went full force for one more day and then I collapsed.  I needed some sleep.  I needed the rest.  I needed to find the desire to actually be still and recharge my body and be okay with this mentally.




All of the friends I have in my life push themselves.  I, at times, think they are working circles around me.  We are programmed to not accept the status quo or be okay with a slower pace. So we go and we go and we go.


What it all came down to finding and creating my desire for balance.  


I would encourage you to find some time to Reset, Recharge, Realign and, well, Rest.



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