The Celebrity Beauty Market 2023

If you're like me, you want to make sure any product you're buying has either been recommended by a doctor, a very close friend (you trust), or has had rave reviews by unpaid beauty experts (if that even exists anymore).

It’s a big beauty market out there.  We have more and more consumers buying beauty products from drugstores, more consumers wanting “chemical free” or otherwise stated as “consciously clean” beauty products.  With all of these products we see more celebrities, singers, actors, models, and influencers starting beauty brands than ever before that are becoming breakout stars, not only with their talents, but with their beauty lines, which is causing a major shake-up with name brand competitors.

I have my favorite celebrities. I have purchased “Goop” beauty products..I love the GOOPGENES Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio, Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, and Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits and have been very satisfied with my purchases.

We see a huge following of these celebrity brands on Tik Tok pushed by our favorite beauty influencers.  We wonder if the product is really as great as the influencers say it is or isn't.

We start to maybe question these brands by asking ourselves questions….

Here are some of the most common questions about celebrity beauty brands:

  • What makes celebrity beauty brands different from other beauty brands?
  • Who are some of the most successful celebrity beauty brands, and what sets them apart?
  • Do celebrities actually create their own beauty products, or do they simply lend their name to an existing line?
  • Are celebrity beauty products worth the money, or are they just overpriced?
  • Are celebrity beauty products of the same quality as other high-end beauty brands?
  • Do celebrities have any expertise or experience in the beauty industry before launching their own brand?
  • How do celebrity beauty brands compare to major established beauty brands in terms of sales and popularity?
  • What is the target market for celebrity beauty brands?
  • What kind of products do celebrity beauty brands offer, and are they innovative or simply following trends?
  • Do celebrity beauty brands have any impact on the beauty industry as a whole, or are they just a passing trend?


Yes, it’s a lot to think about, and most of us don’t think about it. We just click “Purchase” because social media sells… and sells us hard.


Celebrity beauty brands and major brands both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.


When it comes to celebrity beauty brands, they often have a strong brand image and a personal touch, as they are usually associated with a particular celebrity who has a strong influence on their followers. These brands typically have a more limited range of products that are tailored to the celebrity's personal style and preferences. If you're looking to emulate a celebrity's look, these brands can be a great choice. They can also be popular among younger audiences who are influenced by social media (but it’s not just the young influenced by social media anymore… it goes for all ages now).


On the other hand, major brands are often more established and have a wider range of products. They usually have a larger budget for research and development, which allows them to create products with more advanced formulas and technologies. These brands may also have a more diverse range of shades and products to cater to a wider range of skin tones and types. If you're looking for specific skincare or makeup solutions, or if you want a wider range of options to choose from, major brands may be the better choice.  However, Haus Labs, Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics are slowly making that last sentence untrue (if not already).


Ultimately, whether you choose a celebrity beauty brand or a major brand depends on your personal preference and individual needs. Both types of brands can offer quality products, and can be great options depending on what you're looking for.


I love to try something new with my beauty routine. Especially if I am on a budget and, well, who isn’t these days?  I can easily go pick up a new lipstick, lip oil, cream blush, or a new eyeliner shade and not break the bank.


I would say that I am extremely impressed with the celebrity brands I have tried and, believe me, I will keep buying if it’s being recommended by my trusted inner circle of friends. 


So, if you're looking to try a new celebrity beauty line…


Here are some of the Top Celebrity Beauty Brands of 2023!

Jennifer Aniston: LolaVie

Gwyneth Paltrow - Goop 

Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Beauty

Kylie Jenner - Kylie Cosmetics 

Lady Gaga - Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

Hailey Bieber: Rhode Skin

Jennifer Lopez - JLo Beauty 

Cindy Crawford: Meaningful Beauty

Miranda Kerr: Kora Organics

Josie Maran: Josie Maran Cosmetics

Courteney Cox: Homecourt 

Jonathan Van Ness: JVN Hair 

Scarlett Johansson: The Outset

Ciara: OAM Skin

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Rose Inc

Idris & Sabrina Elba: S'Able Labs

Kim Kardashian: SKKN by Kim

Ariana Grande: r.e.m. Beauty 

Rihanna: Fenty Beauty & Fenty Skin

Alicia Keys: Keys Soulcare

Selena Gomez: Rare Beauty

Naomi Watts: Stripes

Jessica Alba: Honest Beauty

Drew Barrymore: Flower Beauty

Gabrielle Union: Flawless

Halsey: About-Face

Millie Bobby Brown: Florence by Mills

Hayley Williams: Good Dye Young

Pharrell Williams: Humanrace

Tracee Ellis Ross: Pattern Beauty

Taraji P. Henson: TPH by Taraji

Michelle Pfeiffer: Henry Rose

Jada Pinkett Smith: Hey Humans

Issa Rae: Sienna Naturals

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Happy Beauty Shopping!