Neil Diamond, you’re right. forever in blue jeans, babe. Heck yeah! You're speaking my language and I like it!  

I know I would feel absolutely fabulous wearing blue jeans everyday if not a matching sweatsuit (next Blog. I promise it won’t disappoint).

I do have a collection of jeans that I seriously fold so tightly and fit in one of my cubicles in my room, intentionally trying to trick myself into thinking I barely own a few (Hahaha, not true!)

I admit my cult favorite brand is RE/DONE. I occasionally (okay, maybe more than occasionally) search the web for orange tab Levi’s


Just today I asked my son what pair of jeans I should wear to go mini golf with his best friend and mom…. thinking he would say the gray RE/DONE jeans with the frayed slit sides…. He immediately said the AGolde black jeans (I like the holes in them, Mom). GASP!  

Well, I wore the black AGolde jeans with the holes in the knees and they were as comfortable as a pair of sweats. So thank you, Teddy!

I’m not ashamed to admit that at one time in my life I probably owned over 50 pairs of jeans.  I think it was in excess (obviously), but when you work in retail every pair of jeans that come in are different from the last (at least, that is what I was telling myself).  Today, I have whittled that number down to about 25 (...I think).  I still continue to forget if I have ones that fit similar to others.  Now I tell myself the wash must be different and then  hit purchase.

With the different cuts and the criss-cross waist design, leather detail, cutout waistbands and embroidery, there are so many options to choose from!


Then you throw in the straight, slim, skinny, baggy, relaxed, wide legged, bootcut, stretch, no stretch, holes, no holes, raw hem, frayed hem, cuffed hem, low rise, mid-rise, high-rise, light wash, medium wash, dark wash, acid wash, waxed wash, tye-die, etc and it’s no wonder I had over 50 pairs of jeans at one point, right? Now I’m thinking I need a new pair.  HA!

Shopping in the jean pool can be too much.  Not to mention we buy online now and going into a store is typically the last thing I want to do.  I want to know the actual measurements then lie to myself on my measurements and order a size way too small and then re-order and pay extra shipping. 


It’s a cycle (or at least in my case it can be).  That is why I have my go to's.  I work well when I order jeans using my real measurements and stick to the cut and rise that works best for me. 

Jeans are a preference.  Stylists will tell you what can work best for your body shape but I can tell you now, the most important thing about the jeans you buy is how you feel in them. 


Yes, we love name brands.  In middle school I wanted a pair of Guess Jeans so bad (you know the jeans with the Guess label on the back jean pocket). I was willing to sew one on an old pair of jeans I had.  Criminal behavior now, but at the time it was what I thought I had to do and wear to keep up with the “in” crowd. I remember my mother saying, “Do you think having those jeans will make you popular?”  To which I  responded “I am already popular.”

So, without further ado, here is a list of some of my favorite brands of jeans.




3X1 Denim

Mother Denim

AMO Denim


Rag & Bone

Citizens of Humanity


7 For All Mankind

Acne Studios

R13 Denim

Paige Denim


Goldsign Denim

DL1961 Premium Denim

AG Jeans

Moussy Vintage


Veronica Beard


Hudson Jeans

Current / Elliott