Let’s Kick It! Reebok Me Up!

Why am I so addicted to Reebok’s? I have 4 pairs as of today (maybe 5 as of tomorrow) all because of Gigi Hadid.  Well… it’s really how Gigi styles them that gets me buying.


The styling and the hope of catching a pair of them for a discounted price… and oh, how I do love a major price reduction.

I mean, we all do, right?  Even within the last day, I saw a pair of Reebook’s on my list go from $80 to $54.97!  I love it when that happens!

Just this past year, I wore a pair of Reebok’s to the mother-son 80’s dance and man, were they comfortable.  With my see-through burgundy lace socks, I hit that dance floor 80’s style!  That specific pair was the Rebook Classic Leather Shoe.  As you can see, my son Teddy is killing it in our pic and I am having way too much fun with my hands up in the air. 

Note to Audience: I was one of a few dressed up and so with my wild blue eyeshadow and “Guns N’ Roses” ripped t-shirt with a neon green mesh bathing suit underneath… you can bet I got some “what are you wearing” looks.  However, the Reebook’s kept getting compliments!

I mean… I had way too much fun putting this ridiculous look together!


On a recent trip out of town, I was out shopping and ran into a pair of Reebok’s Club C 85 Vintage kicks in Chalk / Paperwhite / Glen Green.  One of my best friends was with me and she could see my utter excitement.  I didn’t want to go too over the top because I had tried to pick up a pair before and they were sold out.  This time though, they had my size and I purchased those babies full price. Something about the color combo with the Glen Green just got me. Don’t worry… I will resale them soon!


In the past year, I have picked up a lavender pair of Reebok’s with silver accents on the back (on Poshmark), a light blue pair with pink accents (on Poshmark) and now… well… I have my eye on a Cold Grey / Flash Red / Chalk combo that happens to be on sale (WHAT???... I know!) and The Smiley Classic Leather shoes in Core Black / Cream White / Stinger Yellow (which I plan on asking for as a birthday gift.) Am I going a bit overboard?  Well… maybe. Let’s not say yes… just yet…


You see, it is all in the styling.  I believe that you don’t have to have a pair of Golden Goose’s for $600 or even a preloved pair of Golden Goose’s to look stylish and chic.  As Gigi Hadid shows in her pics, you can wear a pair of Reebok’s and literally look like a style star.


Here are some outfit inspirations taken from Gigi’s Reebok street style that can go straight in your closet (or out of your closet) and out the door…


Outfit Inspo’s: 

Wear a black T-shirt with a black leather jacket and jeans and throw on a pair of the black Classic Leather Sneakers ($80)


Try a oversize cardigan with a V-neck white T-shirt and some holey jeans and a pair of White Classic Leather Sneakers ($80)


My Personal Favorite: A light gray sweatsuit with a long wool coat over it, paired of the Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers ($85)


Do a jean (shirt or jacket or BOTH) on jean (your favorite pair jeans) look and throw on a pair of Colored Classic Leather Sneakers  ($85) or this pair ($90)  - I love both color combos! 


Pull your hair up in a messy  bun and grab your favorite vintage band T-shirt an oversize cardigan and some faded denim and put on these Reebok Classics ($54.97)


Try putting on your staple black dress with a colorful scarf and these Reebok Colorful Sneakers or these, both ($84.97)


My Ultimate Favorite: Throw on a pair of leather pants with a T-shirt and fluffy oversize coat or cardigan and these Reebok Classic Sneakers ($90)


Grab that Midi flowy skirt in your closet and pair it with an oversize knit turtleneck sweater and add these Classic Leather 1983 Vintage Sneakers ($65) 


If you don’t have a corduroy button down, get one! Pair it with some leggings or Khaki rolled-up cargo’s and a cool vest and put a pair of these Eames Classic Leather Sneakers ($120)

Now…  let’s go Reebok it UP!