2023 Viva Magenta & More!

 It’s all about Viva Magenta in 2023, along with the following Styles and Trends!

  • Oversize Everything! - Wide leg jeans, Oversize Blazers and T-shirts 
  • Mini Dresses, Shirt Dresses, and Skirts 
  • Y2K is back! (What?!)
  • Cargo Pants 
  • Utility Jackets, Wide-brim hats, Cowboy boots, and Heavy-duty denim 
  • Corsets - by themselves or made into the bodice of a dress
  • The Wednesday Addams Look - Look for lace, leather, chunky boots, silver jewelry, and sheer clothing
  • Ballerina flats and Mary Janes
  • Revenge Heels (The kitten heel is out? Boooooo)


I have to say, Magenta isn’t really a color I have hanging out in my closet.  I have one matching set that hits the color with taupe lions all over it and… well that is about it.  



I mean, to me, it’s a pretty happy color.  It was said that “Viva Magenta represents strength” and, well, I think we can all use a little more of that in our lives, am I right?


You might be asking yourself, “What colors can I wear with Magenta?”


Well, here you go… 


For a feminine feel, combine magenta with other pink hues. You can also combine it with bright blues and yellows to create a modern edge.


We Also See an Emergence of these Ensembles and Colors on the Runway:

  • Violet  - Lavender and lilac - Violet combines well with its complementary color, yellow. You can also combine it with blues and greens to add in some depth. 
  • Black - Designers and using black more by adding many layers.


  • Lime Green - What colors can you wear with lime green? You can wear white, light or nude tones of brown, dark tones of brown, blue washes of denim, mustard yellow, purples, varying shades of green, and, obviously gray and black.


  • White - Designers are using everything from silk to vinyl - You will also see white in a head-to-toe look.
  • Saffron - This vivid shade of red mostly worn head-to-toe by way of suiting, dresses, and hosiery.  What colors go with Saffron Red? You can put saffron with bright orange, mustard, burgundy, canary yellow color, olive green, gray, lime green, and warm beige tones.


I’m all for the head-to-toe, all white and all black looks.  I also enjoy lavender as a color and will probably try a light lavender eye in the Spring, maybe with a matching lavender cardigan and some camo or green cargo pants.  I am looking forward to mixing the lime green with mustard yellow or purple, and some of my denim favorites.


If you are trying to pack up that sheer shirt you have had in your closet and not worn yet, don’t! Keep that baby out!  It has taken hold and sheer is still in! Whether it be a skirt, jacket, or shirt, sheer can work on many levels. It is all about how you layer.  


Oh, and don’t get rid of that corset you might or might not have picked up because TikTok made you buy it (haha). Corsets are staying in 2023!  

If you are looking online or in stores at closeouts right now, then let me tell you what to look for and pick up if you haven't already… 


  • Pick yourself up some cardigans and cowboy boots!  I love that oversized cable knits are still in and anything with fringe.  Also, those cowboy boots you bought as an investment piece (good for you) they're staying in 2023!  


  • If you are lucky enough to find a fair isle sweater with some neon pops of color in it, do not get rid of it! (like I did last fall)  The pattern is in and trending in 2023. So, pick yourself up one now!



  • If you like a lower heel like me, then you won’t want me to tell you that stilettos are back in, and so are silhouettes with intimidating shoulder energy (aka - shoulder pads… like this Grammy look from Taylor Swift).  


  • I am happy to announce that statement coats are going to be “hot” in 2023.  I love a good design and pattern in a wild color to get me out of my comfort zone.  What about you? 
  • What about my black coat? Well, all black is in too, so deck yourself out!  

2023 is already off to a great start.  If you're ready to get into your closet or start looking around for some great pieces to add to your wardrobe for the seasons, then do it!


Y2K is also back so just pile it all on!  The aesthetic of Y2K is bold, bright, and excessive. I mean those were some fun times… and there back! Oh NO…Oh YESSSS!


Let’s all say it together…








Here are Some of My Favorite Pieces For This Year…


Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch in Parakeet ($2,500) 

ADEAM Void Cutout Turtleneck Sweater in Lime Green ($625)

Versace Spiked Pin-Point Pumps in Black ($1,825)

Christian Louboutin Astrilarge Botta Suede Knee-High Boots 100 ($1,995)

AGOLDE Mid-Ride Baggy in Goth ($228)

AGOLDE Low Slung Baggy 30.5" in Shake ($228)

Veronica Beard Belisa Cargo Pant in Bright Magenta ($348)

Polo Ralph Lauren Surplus Broken-Twill Jacket in Army Olive ($398)

LUCCHESE Stella Boot in Black and White Python ($495)

LUCCHESE Summer Black Cowboy Boot ($995)

LUCCHESE Saltillo Tall in Black Cherry and Cognac ($895)

Autumn Cashmere Oversized Turtleneck in Fuchsia ($476)

Lisa Yang Nina Fair Isle Neon Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater in Pink ($770)

Stella McCartney Suit Trousers in Black ($154.80 on SALE NOW)

Stella McCartney Recycled Material Twill Tailored Dinner Trousers in Black or White ($895)

Bardot Lace Corset Top in Ivory ($119)

Annie Bing Via Corset Bodysuit in Black ($130)

Lela Rose Swirl Embroidered Polka-Dot Tulle Top in Black ($890)