My Inspiration Board Vison

I started doing my inspiration board a couple weeks ago.  I had just had my birthday and thought “Well, what can I look at daily to encourage me to reach my goals?”

An inspiring vision board!  See my board below.


Now, it’s not that I didn’t reach my goals this past year without one.  I just wanted to mix it up a bit!  I used to do boards all the time.  I would consistently cut out things in magazines and put them in a pink folder with gold writing that read “Gold Digger” … yeah, I am not kidding.  I have no idea why I thought that would be something I should put images in that I was working toward purchasing on my own dime.  I guess I had it to encourage myself.  I could manifest and do things to spark my own path and success.

I had a girlfriend put together an inspirational video this past year.  It was all different kinds of ideas of what design elements she would incorporate into the new house she started building.  I have to admit, it was very impressive and was for sure motivational… and I wasn't even building a house!  (It made me want to…I am still waiting for that new house…it’s not too far off).  Making a video seemed a bit too overwhelming for me, though. 

So, I grabbed some scissors, ordered some postcards from “Zazzle” of places I intend to travel to or am manifesting traveling too in 2023, and items I have collected over this year that I believe would take me into 2023.  Some are from “Stutz,” the documentary that changed my perspective in the last month of 2022 (here is the link to the blog I wrote in regards to this documentary). Others are just simply words or quotes that have made me think about the future or life in general. On top of that, there are, well, lots of pictures of models in fantastic outfits that I would like to emulate and wear very, very soon and models in different areas of the world that just look like somewhere I would want to eat or be. I want to experience all of it, you know!

As this year ends, I think a lot of us are looking to make a push into 2023.  I know as the year starts to unwind I’ve been thinking about where 2022 has taken me, and very quickly my mind takes me to what I’m looking to accomplish, treasure, and find in 2023. 

As they say… you have to let that shit go.  

And I have!  I release 2022 and will be using my inspiration/vision board as a reminder to look at daily (as it screams out to me visually) that anything is possible.  

Abundance is all around us, all we have to do is believe it is! 

I leave you with my mantra from 2022 (all thanks to “The Jen Weigel Show” podcast)...

“I expect lavish abundance in every aspect of my life.  Especially today, I recognize and welcome lavish abundance and am grateful for it”. 

I am blessed; I am grateful… I am blessed; I am grateful… I am blessed; I am grateful…

Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…


I am love

I am light

I am peace 

I am mighty

I am healthy

I am abundant 

I am wealthy 

I am joy 

I am hope

I am light”

(all thanks to Susan Allen and her mentorship program

2023… I welcome you…and all the blessings!