Hello, and again we are thrilled you have decided to join us at Style and Give! We are all friends here. This is a community of like minded individuals who are conscious consumers that not only want to resale but also give.

This idea was manifested and has grown out of pure love for fashion sustainability, giving and the real feeling of community.  Each one of us wants to leave a legacy, something that can stay present as we move through our life cycles.

Style and Give is all about coming together so that we can look good and feel good. When you sell on Style and Give, we donate 5% on your behalf of the final sale price to the charity of your choice. The number 5 symbolizes commitment, stability and change.

 We believe individuals can make a difference…a community can make a change. We are here to promote positive change through selling and giving.

Join us to help others be better, look amazing and do more for our planet.

Style & Give is not endorsed nor affiliated with any brands.