Style and Give LLC Launches!

Style and Give Launched a New Luxury Consignment Store Allowing Sellers to Select Their Charity to Share in the Commission.  A Resale Marketplace to Buy, Sell and Donate Luxury Apparel and Accessories Helping the Charities and the Sustainability Movement.

LANSING, KS, Aug. 24, 2022 -- Style and Give LLC The first luxury resale marketplace dedicated to supporting our sellers’ charities and providing a luxury consignment shopping experience. Shoppers can view the charity supported on each item and the amount that will impact the charity. At a minimum 5% of the purchase price will go to the charity and potentially 100% of the seller's commissions.

“Style and Give was created to provide a safe place to purchase authentic luxury items while helping the sustainability of our planet all while supporting amazing charities. With the estimated 96 billion second-hand global apparel market expected to double in size by 2025 we wanted to provide a simple solution to sell and donate second hand clothing. Our sellers appreciate a way to help the causes that they are passionate about and share in the commission all while knowing they will get the most value from the items donated,” said Rachel Kimball, founder and CEO of Style and Give.

Traditional consignment stores and charities are not positioned to maximize the value of luxury items they receive. Style and Give provides a natural partner for Charities or consignment stores to maximize the value of a luxury item for their charity or business. 

Second-hand clothes have a major positive social and environmental impact. The Pre-Loved Apparel and Accessory movement reduces carbon emissions, saves resources, water, and energy. Additionally, preventing clothing and accessories from ending up in landfills or incinerators.The Environmental Protection Agency provides staggering reports on the global apparel industry usage increases of billions of pounds in our landfills and trillions of gallons of water. 

“We are excited to be a part of the Pre-Loved Fashion movement to help repurpose second-hand clothing and accessories that help impact your wallet and the environment,” said Rachel Kimball.


Style and Give is a destination for anyone who loves second hand luxury apparel and accessories.   A destination to explore luxury items and buy and sell/donate it in ways that are gentler on the planet and helping a cause. Press inquiries should be directed to

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